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Restrict desktop access while factory ap

By tpuacz ·
We have a factory app that runs on dedicated NT 4.0 computers. Is there a
utility or software (API call) that we can implement to prevent users from accessing the desktop via "CTRL-ESC" key sequence while our app is running? Ideally, we would then like to re-enable it, if a supervisor enters a password from our system to close our app. There is no mouse attached to these systems. We can "kill" the "start-button" via the API call of CloseWindow() to the start-button window. However, we cannot utilize the start menu once we exit our app for admin/maintenence purposes.

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Restrict desktop access while factory ap

by cstevens In reply to Restrict desktop access w ...

Ok, i don't have a real fix for this, but thet's try something a little more old fashion. COMMUNICATION. Tell your employees that they may not use ctrl-enter to access the desktop for it causes a problem. All you guys ask for programs and all this stuff to make easy stuff not happen. If you tell people not to do it, they won't. Put reminders on the monitors if you need to. P-touch labeling devices are very useful for this. Another solution is to break off the esc or ctrl keys if they arenot needed. That way ctrl-esc is not an option. If you need to, you can put the key back on to use it.

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Restrict desktop access while factory ap

by tpuacz In reply to Restrict desktop access w ...

While I agree with your philosophy, It's not practical. If you have ever been in a auto plant you would know that that they don't care!

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