Restrict internet access on specific networked clients.

By Flasoft ·
Please help me. I would like to resitrict internet access on specific networked clients.

I have two servers both running Win Server 2003 Standard Edition.

1 server is a File and Print server, and the other is the internet Gateway of all my clients.

I have 28 clients, but i only want 5 clients to have unlimited internet access and block the rest. At the same time the ones that i want to block i still want them to be able to do Antivirus updates..

All your responses are greatly appriciated..............

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by brian In reply to Restrict internet access ...

Look into running an Untangle Server (Open Source freeware or you can buy).

Should work well for what you need.

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There are a number of ways...

by jjcanaday In reply to Restrict internet access ...

to accomplish this. Some easier than others. Some free, some not.

Untangle is one method - free if you have an unused computer lying around (with 2 NICs).

Another method you can try (since you have a low number of computers) is to change some IE settings: For the people you want to block, go to the "Connections" tab, Lan settings, and check the box for "Use a proxy server..." at address Then, check the box for "Bypass proxy ... for local...". Now, go to your Security Tab and add sites to "Local intranet" that you want to allow access. I would suggest that, in addition to your A/V updates, you also allow MS Windows updates.

What I ended up doing to solve this problem is using the paid version of OpenDNS. For $5 per user per year, you can block all internet except for "whitelist" sites. Make OpenDNS your default DNS on your server and, for the people who get "unlimited" internet, manually configure their computer to use your ISPs DNS service. I only had 8 people to lock down this hard so, it's only costing me $40/year.

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