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Restrict the viewing area of a website

By bander12 ·
Is there technology available or on the drawing board that would allow a company to geographically limit where a website can be viewed. Say for example, limit it to the states in which you do business or restrict it from reaching other countries. Ifso where can I get more information on the topic.
Thank you

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Restrict the viewing area of a website

by ISPnetworker In reply to Restrict the viewing area ...

Geo load balancing is currently in widespread use to direct traffic to the nearest appropriate resources. Your application is a simple variant of this. A search for geo load balancing will provide you with a number of companies producing these type devices.

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Restrict the viewing area ...

I doubt that a sure fire technical answer is possible, and may not be reasonable.

The first question is why do you want to restrict access to certain geographical locations? Once that is answered you can see easier solutions.

The two most common methods used are:

1. User IDs and log ons, have people apply for IDs and only issue to people you can confirm are in the regions you wnat to cover.

2. Place a noticable statement on your home page that you only service the following regions and that people outside those areas need not bother contacting you for service. Then when you expand into other regions you need only amend that part of the web site. This also leaves your business available for people who are thinking of moving into your regions of concern the ability to access your website and know about you before they shift.

I often access websites for businesses that I have no intention of doing business with as I am doing research into what is available in other areas or comparing charges etc across regions. At college we were often told to look up web sites and see what they had to say, often foreign websites.

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