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Restricted users and temp files

By tventure ·
I have restricted the users on a 2003 server to not be able to delete files. The problem is whenever a user opens a document Microsoft Office opens a ~temp file for each opening which is not deleted when the document is closed because the user does not have that permission. I cannot find a fix for this. I thought someone here could put me on the right path. Thanks, jeff

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One option

by IC-IT In reply to Restricted users and temp ...

Write a cleanup script and run it at the end of the day.

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I hoped for more

by tventure In reply to One option

Thanks bwilmot,

I hope there was a better solution. I suppose this would work but seems a bit clunky.

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Most users settings

by IC-IT In reply to I hoped for more

should not show them the hidden temp files. An admin can set the view by type and not be bothered with the temp files. A simple script is straight forward and not a bit clunky. Especially since you don't want them deleting files. ;-)

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did you ever resolve your issue I have the same one..

by pctwou In reply to I hoped for more

Hope you resolved your issue.. I have the same one.. temp excel files..

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