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Restricting Access To The Network Using GPO

By UserDeletedByRequest ·

I have a Windows Server 2003 Domain, with 2 domain controllers both running Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition.

So far there are about 50 users that have a "totally locked down account" basically the security is very high, there will be soon more. I used group policy to do this. I have setup a folder redaction to a shared folder for the start menu so that these users have a couple of shortcut on there start menus which other users don't. Because its a shared folder and the user must have access to it they must be able to have the privileges to view the contents of that folder.

This is were the problem is, when the user "right click's" the start menu and press "explorer" or double clicks the programs menu on the start menu (using the windows classic start menu) the contents of the folder are showing and its also showing the rest of the network. e.g. the computer names.

how do I stop the user from double clicking the programs menu, and to stop the folder opening when the user "right click's" then explorer on the start button.

Your help will be appreciated

Thanks allot


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When i received the E-mail saying someone replied to my post i got my hopes up thinking my problem would be sorted. Ah well thanks for your advice

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