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Restricting/Monitoring Internet Use

By senora.harris ·
I would like to know your company's polilcy/procedures regarding employers restricting/monitoring their employees Internet use. Please provide your company name and/or title.

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by matthewballou In reply to Restricting/Monitoring In ...

We currently have no policy. At one point, when I got a new Boss I suggested we should think about it to avoid future litigation. However, he sort of scoffed(sp) at the idea.

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Well... It's no surprise

by admin In reply to Restricting/Monitoring In ...

you don't get much response. I know i wouldn't want my company to end up on a website on this issue if we actually did anything like this.

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No issue

by Oldefar In reply to Restricting/Monitoring In ...

It sounds like you are looking to establish or object to a policy with the city of Houston.

Regarding restrictions - as a taxpayer ultimately paying for whatever access is needed, I would expect the same restrictions as currently exist on any other city resource. Are city employees entitled to use city vehicles for personal use? Can they "borrow" a backhoe to build a pool? Are they welcome to use the office copiers for personal use?

Monitoring is a bit trickier. There is a cost associated with monitoring, and it seems foolish to spend more on this than the potential value of the abuse. Value is not the same as cost, however, and there may be circumstances that justify monitoring even as an added cost. For example, parks and recs personnel hitting pedophial sites may justify monitoring for such behavior.

I think the better approach is to design to prevent unauthorized use. I compare this to restricting office phones that can dial long distance versus monitoring all calls.

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