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restructuring network cabling, what should do first?

By kawarimi ·
Hi all, my management has approve to restructure the network cabling for my whole company, so which step should I do first? below are the environment of my company

1, A building of 4 floors (ground, 1st, second,third)

2, 210 network point ( workstation / server / printing device)

3, 5 servers scattered in each floors but will be centralised in 2nd floor after recabling everything

4, purhcased few floor standing 42u closed rack with alot of switches

so now, the question is probably I need to finish the raised floor in the server room first. Then what should I do? My thought is

1, Get the raised floor done.
2, Put install all the new patch panels, switches and rack in position.
3, Do the cabling start from backbone cables.
4, labeling each point
5, After done all the cabling, move all server into server room.

so else should I bear in mind? Or I need rearrange my steps? In the whole resturcturing process, we are trying to make it zero downtime for our network access. Hope to have you guys advice soon. Thanks

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1) Document and label what you've

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to restructuring network cab ...

got now.
If it is documented and labelled check it's right.

2) Institute the death penalty, for anyone who makes a change to the existing stuff during the life time of the project.
Bitter experience as a wet behind the ears IT support person.

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What we did in this situation.

by taher.afridi In reply to restructuring network cab ...

The steps you've mentioned pretty much cover the general topics of concern in exploring such a project.

I just wanted to add, and taking advantage of the fact that you are reconstructing your cabelings, 1. DO number all your network points systematically (wether they will be active or not) and match the same numbering scheme on your patch panels. This will greatly simplify any future troubleshooting.
2. Start cabling from the ends, pull the internal cables first to the appropriate points and patches, then do external cabling (between the floors in your case, could be th ebackbone as well).
3. Provide in your plan an extra connection from your old server to your new server, so that they work parallel in a redundant manner. This will allow zero downtime and alsmost very smooth switchover from old network to the new network.

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Structured Cabling is the answer ...

by hozcanhan In reply to restructuring network cab ...

Hi!I think you should hire a structured cabling installer to do the job .Your step 3 is before step 2. I don't know your buildings dimensions , if the cable lengths are going to be less then the cat5e's 90+10 standart use one cabinet only . If you will exceed 100m use an intermediary cabinet as well .A well labeling and recording scheme is a must . Copper p.panels at the bottom of the cabinet , don't forget . Testing the whole network one by one with a power meter or pentascanner is vital ..If you have more questions I am ready to answer . ( 10 year's structured cabling installership )

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by NI70 In reply to restructuring network cab ...

Why wouldn't you cable your infrastructure to handle cat6?

Of course there would be the cost of cat6 compliant equipment. Has your company given you a budget for the upgrade?

Make sure your cable closets on the other floors are centrally located and above/underneath each other (allow easier connections between floors). This will ensure the 100M maximum cable length is not a problem, you could use repeaters/switches if your drops are further than 100M.

I agree with hozcanhan, hire a company that specializes in data cabling. Request hard copies of their certified testing results, as well as electronic versions.

I'd also be concerned about environmental controls for your new network room: air conditioning, filtered air, and heat. Also, be sure that you have dedicated electrical circuits specifically for your new room. I've got more information if you're interested, just send me a private message.

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restructuring network cabling, what should do first? reply

by ywthu In reply to restructuring network cab ...

Hope my suggestion is not too late to you

1) Server room completed with necessary items
a) raised floor
b) cabling
c) proper patching
d) I believe u hv switch installed in your server room
e) Connect the server room switch into your existing network
f) Configure your new switch to appropriate VLAN if you hv multiple VLANs environment

2) move your server with right network information and domain one by one. Tips, move the less important server first and UAT it to make sure is properly place into your network

hope this will help you.

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Raised floor?

by Roger99a In reply to restructuring network cab ...

That is so 1970s. Why would anyone want a raised floor anymore?

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