Restructuring Small Bus Network on RV016

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Hello. I have been with a fast paced growing business the past 9 years. When we started we maybe had 10 devices or so on the computer network, we now probably have a couple hundred or so. We are planning on expanding even more and I am looking into reconfiguring/reprogramming the entire computer network and hardware. One thing I want to do is more securely house the financial cpus and any other devices that are required to be more secure on the network. I am/was planning on doing this through subnet masking. I have a fairly technical background, not certified in anything but have managed and setup the network here the past nine or so years and learned along the way. Basically right now we have an RV016 and the default lan of 192.168.1.x and SNM of I am testing on my machine which has two nics and I put nic 2 to a snm of and an ip of I manually entered my mac address for the nic and that ip as well into the dhcp and enabled it (on RV016). My nic shows me connected with the ip, but I cannot get out to the net, or anything at all, is this correct behavior? If I manually add the 240 subnet in the router network setup/Multiple Subnet Setting, then I can get online with the 240 subnet, but I can also talk to the 255 subnet and all of the devices within it. The financial computer does need to get out to the net for some software communication to occur I believe (via port forwarding).

I have done a lot of reading on the net about SNM's and what not but I am still not 100% confident on how to structure/achieve this goal. I guess what I am thinking is the financial cpus and devices would be on a separate subnet and ip that doesn't talk to the standard private lan. If there is an admin or someone internally that needs to access that/those computers from their computer they would then have two nic's one for the private lan and one with the same subnet settings as the financial computer so they can talk. The only missing link is so far with my testing I have not been able to get the financial setup to get outside internet access, it only needs certain port traffic forwarded but I believe the RV016 only allows forwarding on 192.168.1.x addresses as well? Is there a way around this?

Hopefully this makes sense, appreciate the help!

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One Cable?

by oldbaritone In reply to Restructuring Small Bus N ...

If both subnets are on the same cable, you probably don't need the second NIC.

You can enter more than one IP address for a NIC as a static address.

You didn't mention the OS, but most are similar. In XP, Network Connections ... (NIC) ... Properties ... TCP/IP ... Properties

Then click the "Alternate Configuration" tab. It will allow you to enter additional IP and Subnet, and specify gateway, DNS, WINS and other options for the secondary address. And you probably don't need the second NIC. You can also set up firewall or ipsec rules about what may or may not access the financial computer.

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