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    Resume and Contracting help


    by jmoody76 ·

    I have been unsuccessful at finding permanent employment but have worked for three different contracting companies for the last 18 months. Most of them have been short contracts from a couple days to a few weeks or a month. The longest contract I have had was 6 months.

    How should I reflect this on my resume and when applying for jobs? I have worked for a bunch of different companies with these contracting firms and was wondering if I should mention the companies or just the contract agencies.

    Also, how should I address dates? Should I list just the dates that I worked or should I list the date for the whole time that I was accepting work from the contract agency whether I was on an assignment or not?

    Thanks for your advice.

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      Mention both

      by garion11 ·

      In reply to Resume and Contracting help

      This is what the industry is turning into. Consulting and contracting. If you mention that its a contract, people in this field (IT managers, HR people, recruiters..) do understand your job “hopping”. Thats what I have done and I haven’t had any issues finding employment.

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        Reply To: Resume and Contracting help

        by jmoody76 ·

        In reply to Mention both

        Thanks, I guess I won’t worry about it as much.

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      As a recruiter for a Consulting firm…

      by pjnyusa ·

      In reply to Resume and Contracting help

      I have seen it done both ways; Independent Contractors tend to use that as their Job title with a range of dates that cover the time they did contract work. You can list the companies you were assigned to with the type of project & your accomplishements. This will help a recruiter to get a good sense or what you specialty is if you have one. If you have a lot of short term assignments, you probably don’t want to list all of them; Grouping the projects together by type of work is effective. What is your area?

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      Really want help? Put your email address.

      by grant@rb ·

      In reply to Resume and Contracting help

      This is the second post I’ve read today that does not have a contact.

      Include your email address in your next TechRepublic posting so TR members can contact you. Who knows, maybe one of them will want to offer you a job?

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      Ive been there

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to Resume and Contracting help

      I have been exactly ther before, I put both on my resume. Furthermore, any lengthy contract is an opportunity to “show off”. Look for things that can be done better and bring them up. Also, attitude says a lot. Keep in a good attitude, and the company may pick you up for a longer contract. I have had many short term jobs, that have kept me going for longer term. I have had 2 week jobs that I had stretched into 8 months, and a 3 month job, go to 6 months and my contract bought out, turned it into a 2 yr job.

      The things to know are, when a contract agency picks you up, they usually get a short term position (a few days, week, etc.) This will give them feedback on you. If it is good, they send you out on a little longer ror higher paying jobs, and wait for that feedback. They will keep you in this pattern unless you get great feedback, then they start looking for longer positions, and ones that may go to perm. They want companies to pick up your contract, because they get a lump sum all at once (like a big bonus). Any tech can be picked up for short term jobs, but only those who excel will end up with the best of them.

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      by bfilmfan ·

      In reply to Resume and Contracting help

      I’ve worked short term projects for clients. Include the dates and the position tile. You may also want to be sure to list key accomplishments with each position.

      Also, let the recruiter and client know that you successfully completed the contract work!

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      List the Company

      by wsaconsult ·

      In reply to Resume and Contracting help

      Never list an agency on your resume, they are only a broker and not the end customer.

      Since you are contracting as an independent, especially a company for yourself and list the job under your name or company….
      IT PRO – 2002- Present
      abc company – march 10-15, 2004 – NO Where, USA
      xyz Company – Jan – Feb 04 – somewhere, USA

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