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Resume buzz words that REALLY annoy you.

By Oz_Media ·
I had an interesting chat with an old friend today. He is the VP of a career management firm, not a recruiting company, but one that you hire and that follows you from College through to retirement. They are like a union hall for entrepeneurs, or as he calls me, an INtrepreneur. I will work INSIDE a company, but only if left alone to do what I choose to do. I'll do my thing, you write my paycheck and you can thank me later. (there's a fine line between arrogance and confident assurance here)

We were talking about this years errors that people make on resumes (every year there's at least one trendy and poorly abused buzz word in all resumes) and he brought up how awful it is to use the word CHALLENGING as a career objective.

People say they are looking for a 'challenging' environment..." Whereas executive level employees generally see this and sigh in disappoinment while rolling their eyes, nobody wants you to be 'challenged' by the job they need you to do, because they are looking for someone COMPETENT and skilled not 'challenged' by it. He is a high level executive and has many friends that are too, so he interviews them to stay on top of his market. Apparently, 'seeking a 'challenging' position' is very common nowdays and it makes them toss the resume.

The end result is he has had a lot of success with his clients when he says "Seeking a position where I am able to 'challenge' MYSELF..." Which sounds MUCH better to me! It shows a need to create goals of high expectation.

It seems that industry and trendy buzz words have always been around, ever since we were kids and said EX or Groovy or whatever. It's just cool, if not habitual, but in the case of finding work, it it can be quite detrimental.

Anyone else have any ANNOYING buzz words in their industry that everyone seems to adopt?

Like TEAM PLAYER, EVERYONE is/wants a team player these days.
What's a team player for MOST companies?
Someone who brings donuts to meetings on Monday is generally considered a 'TEAM PLAYER' ?!
Someone who sits and chats with everyone all day is a TEAM PLAYER?

Most companies have replaced EMPLOYEE with ASSOCIATE now, what kind of half assed PC crap is THAT?

Buzz words gone bad!

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Work Smarter not Harder

by Black Panther In reply to Resume buzz words that RE ...

This is the best one... sack 1/2 of the workers..tell them to "Work Smarter not harder" and then employ more manager's to tell them that!

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Exit interview LOL

by Oz_Media In reply to Work Smarter not Harder

Work smarter, not harder?

Well if I was THAT smart do you think I'd be working for you to begin with? Obviously I am too dumb to work for you, does that make me smart then? Well if I won't be working harder for you, I suppose you just made me smarter! Thank you!

Or just go to the competition and phone the old boss and thank him for making you smart enough to work for the competition by showing you that hard work doesn't pay, in HIS company.

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critical mass!!!

by pr0teus In reply to Work Smarter not Harder

sounds like someone who's really bloated and about to **** from all orifices!!!!

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depending on

by Jaqui In reply to Resume buzz words that RE ...

the type of position.
developed, created, innovative, rapid study/quick learner.

that's just hype 90% of the time.

also, they tend to say that you don't have the skills needed for the job.

seems like every resume has them in it somewhere.
the only place where it would seem appropriate is in a list of special tasks/duties performed, and unless you are doing a cv you don't need that detail.

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I hate

by CuteElf In reply to depending on

Truly, the "team player" one is on my list

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oh yeah

by Jaqui In reply to I hate

with that one it's..
go get yourself hired with a different company.

I don't see why there should be this type of listing on a resume.
when you see them, you have the perfect opportunity to sell yourself. and they have to sell themselves as a good group to work with.

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Entry Level Position

by house In reply to Resume buzz words that RE ...

Do not use these words. What are you trying to say?

We recently received a resume through email that stated on the cover letter - "I know you guys aren't hiring right now, but it doesn't hurt to try" - I couldn't believe it.

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okay, for bad

by Jaqui In reply to Entry Level Position

application for position....

while working as assistant kitchen manager, part of my job was to go through the 4 page application forms from those applying for kitchen jobs..

we received one that the person couldn't even be organised enough to have a pen.
he used wax crayon to full out the application form.

wax crayon?? to apply for a job??

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And what's wrong with THAT?

by neilb@uk In reply to okay, for bad

That's all they let me have here in my little room. They do give me lots of colours but I only use RED. The colour of fire. The colour of blood blood cut artery spurt spurt drink...

Why is the door locked?

But then - no madder than this: The site where I'm currently working is full of media sorts and this might possibly explain the following. In the Customer Complaints Department, each pillar has a large banner running down it: TEAMWORK, EMPOWERMENT, RESPECT, TRUST HONESTY AND INTEGRITY, COMMITMENT, etc and each wall has a patronising definition of what management intend these to mean.

Now THERE are people who should only be allowed crayon!

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Well if they are doing all that

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to And what's wrong with THA ...

why would anyone complain ?
My favourite one was an application for a junior devloper's spot where candidate defined his experience with.

Familiar with Case, For/Next , Do/While ...

Team Leader just binned it. I dug it out to email him with a bit of advice, got returned, no such address.

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