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By jleather ·
I have worked for the ?same? company for 14 years. The quotes around same mean the company I originally worked for starting in 1990 has been acquired a few times, and had a name change, a total of five different names. Through out all this seniority was preserved, i.e. my start date stayed with 1990, thus a total of 14 years.

My question is what is the best way to convey this information on a resume? If I use a functional format then how do I convey my longevity at this company? If I use a chronological format then how do avoid the impression of working for multiple companies (which is 5)?

One thought I had for the later question is to indicate acquisitions and name changes after the company title in parentheses, but I do not like the look. Of course for either format I could mention the 14 years in the cover letter, but not everyone may see it.

Please any suggestions you may have would be appreciated.



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by BFilmFan In reply to Resume format

Most companies understand that company names change. Use the name of the company when you last worked for it and state the number of years. Most folks don't care the names was when you started and zifflebiffle widgets limited when you ended.

They will care what responsobilities and technologies you have experience with over that period of time.

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by jleather In reply to

Thanks for the suggestion, which I though of also but not sure it would be safe or accurate. Some of my positions and accomplishments from past years do not make sense with the ?last? company I worked for.

Thanks again.


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by jleather In reply to

Thanks for the suggestion and I checked it out, but it is not for me.

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