Resume ?: I've been the IT guy for years, just never as my primary job

By jneilson ·
I'm looking to get into IT work fulltime, network admin position, computer setup, something like that. I've been doing this sort of work for about 12 years now, just never as my primary job focus. My main job as been doing mechanical design/CAD work, but the field is slow and I've moving to Eugene, Oregon which as two designer postions avalible, but as various IT/Computer tech postions. I need to fix up my resume to highlight my computer skills so employers will take notice. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Put it all out there

by JamesRL In reply to Resume ?: I've been the I ...

What you don't want to do is try to mislead. You have to use your job title and at least make passing reference to your "main" job. But you can also refer to your IT work as well.

The cover letter should explain the gap - the desire to move into a new field, and the rationale for the change.

What you would have to do in the interview is convince them you have committed to this path, and that you won't change jobs if a good paying mechanical design position pops up. If you have some IT courses, that would help demonstrate that committment - if you haven't taken any, enrol now.


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Thanks James

by jneilson In reply to Put it all out there

I've been putting information in my cover letters as to why I'm making a career change. I'm also working on some online courses and exercises too. I'm having trouble with some of the computer terminolgy, ie. DHCP, DNS, etc. I know what they are and I have used them but in my employment history I've usually been the only one that know anything about them so I have no reference to go by, that is I never worked with a dedicated, formally trained IT person. I sometimes feel like an icon clicking hack.

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I'm not formally trained either.

by JamesRL In reply to Thanks James

I did one programing course in university, kinda struck out in my chosen field, and got into computers three years after university. I started off in the marketing dept. of a software company, and believe it or not thats where I am now (different company) 23 years later.

I did do courses along the way, when I got into project management and software testing. But mostly I learned by doing and playing.

You might have to start at the bottom, like the help desk, and work your way up.

What interests you, hardware, software, operating systems or networking?


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