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Resume, Recruiters, & Independent IT Consulting? Sort of Off-Topic!!

By Technologyconsultant ·
I was curious if anyone can shed some light onto my situation? I have been working in the Technology sector as an independent and contractor for well over 7+ years. Over those 7 or so years, I have encountered some real interesting things that staffing firms say and do.

These things are:
1) When getting a call, I do not get an e-mailed version of the job description, nor the company name, but instead, all they want is my resume and reference list. In addition, when I ask them for a "Brief" job description, they get offended and tell me that I am not a fit for there client. What the....????
Note: That once I send over my resume, I never hear from them again. Hmmm....???
2) This one is the best so far... Sending me a text message offering me to apply for a job.
3) E-mailing me the same job for 3-6 months, over-and-over, with no contact or company information attached with the e-mail.
4) Not being able to proceed with an interview until I disclose my references, and provide a copy of my dl, ssn card, and birth certificate.
5) Is it not illegal for companies to ask me for those personal documents? I am not sure, but I will not disclose anything to anyone because Arizona is full of scam artists and thieves. I cannot believe that it has come to this. Stealing from one another. MY God!!

I know that this is sorta of the scope for discussion here, but I was hoping that someone can tell me what to do and say to these poor saps that partake in these types of actions? Any suggestions and opinions will be appreciated.


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just say no?

by robo_dev In reply to Resume, Recruiters, & Ind ...

In general, at the interview stage, it's 100% inappropriate to need to even show ID, much less SS card and birth certificate. You don't need to produce those documents when applying for a government security clearance, applying for a mortgage, or even getting a US passport (at least not SS card).

Note the front of the SS card says, in big letters 'not for identification'.

Logically, a legitimate employer would never in a billion years ever want that information since they would then need to maintain a high level of security for that data, which would be insane for applicant data.

So therefore, anyone who wants to see your SS card is an identity thief, period.

With respect to sketchy recruiters:

I would assume that recruiters are playing a numbers game and have some performance target that they get X number of new resumes into their system a month, whether there are jobs or not.

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Reponse To Answer

by Technologyconsultant In reply to just say no?


My thoughts exactly. Some of these agencies are not the sharpest tool in the shed. They do not know that when they make a copy of my Id's, that it is stored on its hard drive, thus, when they need repairs, or if someone breaks into the facility, they have all the information they need to steal identity. I must remind you that Arizona is the 2nd state along with Florida for theft of personal information. So yes, from now on, I can possibly provide a state id instead. But still, it has my picture on it....Not a good situation here.

As far as the numbers game.... Well yes, it is all about numbers. Thanks to a connection that I had made on linkedin, he informed me that he used to work for an agency. Well, less than 2 weeks because of what they had told him to do. He was told to cold call candidates and tell them that they have a job offer, but not really, then the agency would call their client and tell them that they have a qualified person that they can use at their disposal. Neither of which was true. IT was just to grab $50.00 per call from the candidate and from the client.

I cannot believe this. Before I used to be able to trust people, now I can't even trust my priest at my local church. I can't believe that our own people can do this to each other, and look into the mirror and say that they are proud of what they had done. But anyway, you did good on the input... Thank you...

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