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Retired and training in IT - UK member

By At_Wits_End ·
My age is 6l and I have been keen on computers for some years, starting on Atari ST and Acorn Electron and migrating to PC about 4 years ago. I have taught myself web design(FP2000)with three websites on the go and I run a mailing list singlehanded.I have completed an online LearnDirect compTIA A+ course. I have successfully installed and run, sometime dual or multiboot, all OS from Win 3.11/95A/95B-OSR2/98/98SE/ME/XPHome/XPPro and have played with W2K Advanced Server on a single computer. I have also taught myself to design and render fractals and I exhibit them on the web.

Partly to prevent retirement boredom and partly to try and earn some money part time or at home(I care for a semi invalid spouse)and also because I really love IT,I have signed up at my local College to do A+ again so I can get some hands on practice at hardware which I am not as good on as I would like to be, and I have enrolled for Networking with Windows 2000, again with hands on hardware.

I wonder if I have chosen the right courses having regard to my experience, present skill level and the IT market? I can only spare two evenings a week and the other choices would have been advanced web design using my favourite FP2000 or a beginning programmingcourse using VBasic. The tutor who approved my application told me there is more call for Networks Admins than web designer, is this true having regard to my location Herts UK?

There are many very interesting facets to IT and I don't want to be amediacre Jack of all Trades, better to choose one or two fields and get as far as I can?

My career background has been in Law and in Class Music Teaching.

I would be grateful for any advice from Trainers, Employers and Peers please.

Thank you

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Thanks for no replies

by At_Wits_End In reply to Retired and training in I ...

Obviously thi9s forum has the same attitude towards elderly persons in the workplace as everyone else - I will not be looking for support here again, thanks so much!

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Unsure of UK, but...

by ghstinshll In reply to Retired and training in I ...


Your dilemna is easy, yet challenging at the same time. The need to direct applicability of the courses is even more important due to your age in the field, but this is not an imposing problem at all. God bless you for taking care of your spouse, and good luck with these courses.

I agree with your idea that A+ mayb be good for you, but somehow I feel that the cost may not give you enough ROI on the course. Pick up an Exam cram book on the A+ and read through it. Study well and takenotes, and re-study what you get wrong. Taking the practice tests in that book will give you good enough of an idea whether to pay for the course or not. Picking up a couple old computers can give you the experience you want, and as for the printers, you just have to memorize that stuff anyway. The certification rule is: start with A+ always, then an OS to get MCP status, then go specialize in what you want.

Systems people are in a higher demand, but good web people are in a lot of demand as well. Ever thought about setting up your own Limited Liability Company and start developing sites and ousourcing your work? Think about I-Net+ and Certified Internet Webmaster certs as well.

Good luck.

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