Retreiving XP/Office Keys

By kipper_1 ·

I was wondering if someone could clear up some confusion regarding MS keys.

I work for a company who develop their own software based on SQL. The systems on which the software is run must be clean therefore machines are regulary formatted. XP Pro, Office Pro and SQL are then reinstalled.

I joined the company a year ago and before that point no individual delt with the IT therefore no attempt had been made to record serials etc. I would like to recover keys from machines for which I do not have the keys incase of future problems.

I have recently recovered the key from XP Pro and Office using Magic Jelly Bean Keyfinder as I could not find the original media or key. The machine is an Advent and has an XP home sticker but had XP Pro installed.

When I attempted to reinstall the OS the recovered key did not work. I tried the install using a number of disks no of which worked?

I decided to recover the key from my machine which has the COA attached and the key recoved does not match the key on the COA?

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You've yet to find a matching pair then...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Retreiving XP/Office Keys

That, as the saying goes, is the long and the short of it.

This company sounds like a can of worms.

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The 'odd' thing is . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Retreiving XP/Office Keys

If none of the COAs match any of the keys (printed or retrieved) how has the company managed to apply a continual programme of regular formatting and re-install???

How did they manage it before you arrived?

Maybe there is an undisclosed stock of oem discs?

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My HP supplied machine recovered key does not match the COA?

by kipper_1 In reply to The 'odd' thing is . . .

As for how the company managed before I started I do not know how. One half of the company put everything in a box unlabeled and the other half was all over the place. Unfortunately it is now my problem to sort.

Most of the machines which are regularly formated and reinstalled are fairly new and I have installed the MS products and logged them.

The machine which had XP Pro on which I am unable to reactivate with the retreived key is old and all I have is the retreived key but no Advent media.

My home machine was purchased from HP and the key retreived does not match the COA?
Is the key which is recovered a scrambled version of the key on the COA?

Can I reliably retreive Office keys from machines and match up the output to the Office cases I have with codes on thus allowing me to label the cases with the machine on which the product has been installed?


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