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Retrieve deleted email from Outlook

By megan26 ·
Here is the deal. I have two computers (a desktop and a laptop). I had set up a wireless network at my home. My desktop had all of my files stored on it. I retrieved files from my desktop with the use of my laptop. I had sent an email with my Microsoft Outlook with a file attachment that originally resided on my desktop. Recently the hard drive on the desktop crashed. I had deleted the email and deleted it from my deleted folder. I tried to access folders on my desktop with no luck. I tried to use an "un delete" program. The tech support it will not restore a deleted email. This file was my resume and coverletter, and I don't have a printed copy of them. I had worked on these items for a long time and don't want to start from scratch. I did read something about a hex editor and restoring my outlook that way. That does sound scary and I don't want to mess up any programs/files and my laptop. Is there any way I can get them back??

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by raphdg In reply to Retrieve deleted email fr ...

Hey Megan!

How was your account setup in Outlook? If it was a POP3 account, chances are you'll be able to use a file-recovery app to comb the drive for files and find any files with a .PST extension

If you find that, chances are you could get your e-mail back!

Good luck!

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by ReWrite In reply to Retrieve deleted email fr ...

Depending on how important the data is there are various commercial apps that can recover deleted email. The best one that I have seen is Recover My Email. Here's a link:

You can download the app and use it to see if your deleted email can be recovered. If it can be you will need to purchase a license to do the recovery.



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by megan26 In reply to Retrieve deleted email fr ...

It is a pop email account. I tried several recovery apps but they do not bring back that email. I got my computer in Oct. I wrote the email I believe late Oct to Nov. A couple of the recovery apps only bring back the ones I can access now not ones that I have deleted. I tried the app on the second answer. That didn't work. Are there any recovery apps, that will actually bring back the email with the attachment?

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