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    retrieve pictures off harddrive that crashed..


    by kcbmet ·

    is there freeware i can use to retrieve pictures of a dell harddrive that crashed, blue screen. i have Knoppix , but am having hard time saving pictures and also recognizing picture. all i see is the Ghost backup. so i was going to attemp to copy the .GHS file .And then use Norton GHost free trial to retrieve pic.s Also i have BartPE, but it doesn’t work because i haven’t bought the software; only freeware demo. Using BartPE, i can see the pic.s i want to save . any help.

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      Use another computer

      by mjd420nova ·

      In reply to retrieve pictures off harddrive that crashed..

      I’ve often had units crash and drives go flaky loading the OS, a cure I use is to install it as a second or “D” drive in a good unit, access the drive using DOS command prompt or windows explorer and move the files of to the good units drive or burn them to a CD-RW or DVD-RW drive for later recovery once I get the other system back in working order. Often a blue screen just meant the OS has an error, possibly repairable using the install CD and doing a repair.

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      The way that I do this is to

      by hal 9000 ·

      In reply to retrieve pictures off harddrive that crashed..

      Fit the HDD to a USB Caddy and attach it to another computer where I can save the Data that I need to get off the corrupt Windows OS.

      If you have a M$ Branded Install Disc of the OS you can perform a In Place Install/Repair Install by following the directions here

      But there are a couple of restrictions you need to understand first. If you have enabled the [b]E[/b]ncrypted [b]F[/b]ile [b]S[/b]ystem or [b]EFS[/b] you [b]Can Not[/b] use the Repair Option as you will destroy the Encryption Key rendering all your Data Unreadable. If you have a System Makers Recovery Disc you [b]Can Not[/b] perform a Repair Install as that option isn’t included in the Recovery Set.

      You should first test the HDD with the Makers Testing Utility or Seatools available from here

      If you have Encrypted these Files you will need to Post Back with the Brand of Encryption Software that you have used and the OS that it is installed on.

      If you have Knoppix as a Live Linux run it Mount the HDD and navigate to the Data Folder and save these files to some external Media. Of course if you have these files Encrypted they will be unreadable and expensive to recover.


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      Try using a live Linux

      by nicknielsen ·

      In reply to retrieve pictures off harddrive that crashed..

      Download and burn PCLinuxOS ( onto a CD. Boot to the CD (do NOT install!). From the desktop, double click “My Computer” and select the local hard drive. If there is more than one partition, mount them all (this may be the problem you are having with Knoppix). If the drive itself has not failed, you should then have full access to all files on the hard drive.

      Navigate to the pictures directory (“c:\documents and settings\%userid%\my documents\pictures” is the default location) and copy them to an external hard drive or burn them to CD/DVD.

      If the only partition available to PCLinuxOS is the Dell recovery partition (the Ghost image), you may need to repair the partition table in the master boot record. Use your tool of choice.

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        This is the same as Knoppix

        by w2ktechman ·

        In reply to Try using a live Linux

        and he was having issues with that.

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          I think he mounted the wrong partition.

          by nicknielsen ·

          In reply to This is the same as Knoppix

          I suspect he mounted the recovery partition and not the primary partition. He also says BartPE shows the files he’s looking for. I think he just needs to reboot into Knoppix and mount the correct partition.

          I don’t remember Knoppix with a GUI, but then I haven’t updated in over 5 years!

          :0 Knoppix runs KDE now? Cool! No difference from PCLOS after all. Downloaded, will burn.

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          Yup, these linux discs are awesome!

          by w2ktechman ·

          In reply to I think he mounted the wrong partition.

          I have used the knoppix cd several times, but I still prefer to plug the drives into my PCLOS box 😀

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      There is good advice here

      by w2ktechman ·

      In reply to retrieve pictures off harddrive that crashed..

      now for more advice — in the future, do not rely on your pics/data being stored exclusively on the HDD. Back them up to cd/dvd.

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      Recover deleted files from Windows and Mac

      by xunting2011 ·

      In reply to retrieve pictures off harddrive that crashed..

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      Recover lost data from crashed or external hard drive

      by misheal ·

      In reply to retrieve pictures off harddrive that crashed..

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