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Retrieving data from HP notebook PC hard drive

By lisagenuit ·
Hello, my HP Pavillion Notebook PC will not boot up and I want to retrieve data from the hard drive. Instructions on this site suggest using a hard drive adaptor, but this hard drive does not have a 40-pin IDE connector. Is there another hard drive adaptor I could use with the HP Pavillion hard drive?

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by w2ktechman In reply to Retrieving data from HP n ...

what it has is an adapter for the notebook covering the 40 pins
You will need to remove this adapter and possibly the HDD casing to do this properly

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There are special USB drive enclosures for laptop IDE drives

by Why Me Worry? In reply to Actually

Which allows you to pop a laptop IDE drive into a case with all the connections provided, and then plug it into a USB port on a desktop PC.

You can find them sold at places like www.geeks.com and www.tigerdirect.com

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I was assuming that

by w2ktechman In reply to There are special USB dri ...

the HDD was pulled and an adapter was in hand, and this person did not see the 40 pins. In which case, a usb enclosure would produce the same problem.

There is an hdd casing on the hdd's in most notebooks, and they already have propriery adapters for the notebooks (several models). This needs to be removed to get to the pins to plug it in another system.

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Notebook Hard Drives

by GhostBrowser In reply to Retrieving data from HP n ...

Hi here is some info that may help
Notebook hard drives (2.5 inch)have a smaller ide connector that includes the
power for the drive the pins 1 to 40 are the
same as the 40 pin ide drives
You can get an adaptor kit which will allow you to fit it into a standard computer
They have the 40 way connector and normal
power connector

Good Luck

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