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    Return of the Viruses


    by benjamin.egas ·

    Hello All,

    I am once again coming to you for help. I have a recurring issue on my network. Here it is …

    During my re-imaging of @ 30 systems, I found in particular that was receiving NDRs for email items he did not send. Obviously this points to malicious activity … so I went ahead and backed up the data and reloaded. The users data did not survive and never again saw our network.

    … Now I am seeing the EXACT same symptoms on the office manager’s system. This is one of 3 systems I have not yet reloaded with a good image.

    I would like to ask if anyone can offer up any advice at all. I have checked the system with 2 AV scanners and Ad-aware all to no avial. I would like to not have re-image this system as there is a TON of company data on it.

    Thank you all in advance for your support

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