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Return Receipt Requested......... NOT !!!

By AnswerMan ·
Someone enlighten me please...... Through all the versions of Windows/Outlook Express and Outlook, there is a function called "Request Read Receipt" to notify the sender when the recipient opened the email, or if they even got it for that matter........

However the coding has been wrong since the very beginning, and no one seems to care..... Whether you choose it when sending an individual email (TOOLS | REQUEST READ RECEIPT), or turn it on for all emails (TOOLS | OPTIONS)........

The recipient has the ability to say NO, DON'T SEND A RECEIPT.....

What the heck is the point of having it then? The problem is, it should be coded as a "VB-Okay-Only" box.

In other words, the recipient sees your email as a single line entry in the INBOX (as many of you by now are smart enough to have turned OFF the "preview pane" which can launch code by the mere fact of that email "having the focus").... and when double clicked, the recipient gets a box that says, "The sender has requested a receipt when this message is opened"..... and you get ONE button that says OKAY.... period !!!

If you don't click it, the mail doesn't open. Simple as that....... Can anyone tell me the point of even having it, if the person can always opt out of sending notification back?

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Many Reasons

by Black Panther In reply to Return Receipt Requested. ...

The delivery option is probably the better option at least you know the email reached it's intended recipient.

Even if the person say's ok to the return read receipt how do you know they actually read it!

Privacy Act is one! Big Brother is watching!

Do you really like everyone knowing your every move including reading every email, don't they already know enough about you - where you live, how much you spend, what you spend it on, your credit card details, your family, how much you earn - all on many Computers and easily accessed.

What happened to the 'old' world before email, cell-phones, credit cards, ( the only things people knew about you was if they actually spoke to you or wrote to you - once you were home it was your haven, or if you were travelling you were uninterruptable, - now we are contactable anytime, anywhere, pulled in a multitude of directions at once - no wonder %50 of people are suffering stress!

When a telemarketer rings your home phone number at 6pm trying to sell you something - you have the option to listen, or to hang up without even speaking. Imagine if you had no option and were forced to listen to their whole speal!

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by Paul Gowen In reply to Many Reasons

well put, when people send me read reciept req.s esp for business, i always cancel it, not only because it lets them know i know what they want, i may be busy so their problem is low priority, but also it sends out a lot of other bits in the message header...what next, it auto sends, that would be a good one for spammers to find out which email addresses are active!!

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Compare to sanil mail

by Storageman In reply to

When I compare e-mail to snail mail I see no difference. I have to routinely send out snail mail "certified return receipt requested". If the recipient does not want to sign the receipt they do not get to read the mail. They are still stuck even if they don't sign because I now have proof that I sent the mail to the last known address. So why should e-mail be any different?

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Confirmation that communication received

by ozi Eagle In reply to

Having been in the position of sending an email cancelling a function and having one of the attendees turn up to a non event, after a 3 hour drive one way, I have kearnt to request a reply for critical mail. Reason that this attendee didn't get the mail was that he had abandoned that email address, without notifying anyone. I didn't receive any system warning that the email couldn't be delivered so assumed that it had been seen by the recipient.

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Group mails

by Skidoggeruk In reply to Return Receipt Requested. ...

Lately, I always make sure to push the "Yes" button when I recieve those emails sent out to hundreds of people in the organisation, in the hope that sender has an avalanche of receipts.

Does that make me a bad person?

I used to just simply delete, suppose they would have got the "Recipient has deleted..>" message that way.

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