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Returning to IT after 10 years away

By mygetbiz ·
I was a Senior Tech Analyst, Programmer, Net Administrator from 1988 to 1996, back then even large companies had you wear many hats. And I was very much for the client/server model. I hated the limitations the mainframe offered as a programmer.

I haven't been actively working in the field for about ten year and I have read several posts and realized that not much has changed. I read the same arguments and problems that I faced when I was in IT.

That is good and bad.

MS is a very easy target.

MS tries to be all for all and there in lies the problem.

The solution may be to have IT departments customize their operating systems for their unique needs and discard the fat. Many are afraid of this because the company or a program the company uses may need the discarded dll/exes. You have the option of getting your programmer to create an operating environment from the libraries and executables included with legal copies, but that is not why you purchased the software.

I do not profess to be an expert on Windows and did not when I was, but I believe the 'jack of all trades' attempt is a major part of the problem. You can not please all the people all the time.

I have been looking at the application templates design and web services model.

From what I've read this method is best for handling a myriad of problems in the IBM PC world.

The upward compatibility problems that cause wholes could be handled more efficiently.

The security implementations can be as advanced as you design them to be for your company/clients.

The learning curve for IT personal once the initial change over should be minimum.

The end-users would not be effected when product updates and mass-rollouts occurs, it's seamless. The software can be upgrade while user's are online, when they initiate a new session the changes appear, they do not have to reboot.

It appears this model is the way to go for operation system to application. The speed ofwhich you can revamp an application seems to be idea. The manaufactures web service lies on their end, you plug into it and the versions you need for your modules or application and on your side you can take the data and manipulates it's functions as you please. You grab data, the service maintains the code to keep the data integrity up to par. Data and code execution is separated. You can do intranet or internet communications.

The security methods are encryption and the manner data is stored.

Data itself is not limited to text strings or grapghics.

They are calling this Web Services.

Being a newbie with an strong IT background has me comparing the old and the new.

From what I have observed in my learning the Linux world is going back to the 1980 when it comes to usage, I am used to so much being done for me(I do not have the time to be a low-level sys admin). I found it frustrating having so much work to do, work that the Windows environment delegates to itself not me.

As far as coding, I found the OpenSource based IDEs require me to do to much of the work I was used to having being done for me. This put the application roll-out back by months unless a spend the money to buy packages.

I was only able to afford the cheaper ones and they were a waiste of time and money, it was as if the makers didn't know what they were doing as far as waht their end-users would need, I'm sure many came from the Windows based environment not DOS(YES, I know, Windnows the graphical DOS) and they are large OpenSource IDE.

I had to accept an IDE that wouldn't meet my needs on my budget and I ended up going back to MS for tools.

I am trying to write a client/server that communicates accross the internet.

The client gets up to date datastores for that user and displays them. I also needed to be able to upgrade the client because I'm doing it by myself and want to add bells and whistles later on with out hassle. I don't have funding so that has been a factor in making this venture challenging in order to get what I need done and in a reasonable time.

My thinking is that this model will save me on server resource usage.

I'm not using ASP, my host is cheap and Apache and I can do the test environment on my pc for free. I have an old old PII.

Basically consider a broke person trying to put such an application together. That's challenging and requires alot of work, but one thing I have learned is that I can really compare different environment due to the work I have to get done.

With out the money to buy tools it has been frustrating to find the correct IDE and the free ones require much configuring but there is greater code exchange than when I was working.

From what I have learned thus far Windows offer more in that so much is done for you, Linux you have to peace together yourself usless you buy red hate and you have to figure out how to write a client that works on windows without being able to test unless you add more code for the windows runtime in Linux.

Most of the target clients are on windows systems and I want to make as much money as I can.

I think we may be better off than OLD BLUE, I didn't have a million up front and if thet saw what Gates did then there would probably be less users and the internet craze probably would not have happening until recently which would have us all behind.

MS beat out Apple(it is better underneath, period) because MS saw all the small guys out their an opened up things to make it easier for them to write MS applications. You need the applications, that's what people use the computer for, not the operating system.

I went to a Windows95 party and was a Duran Duran and Tiffany fan so that's embarassing some what.

I love and hate MS, it depends on the context.

I like how MS has helped open the door for the small guy to create applications and make money or consult. You can't knock them on that.

I wish:

1) They'd scrap windows and create a model that makes if more customized per user, durring install maybe(saving a ton of disk space)

2) Set some locks on their directories/regvars to prevent other manufactors from storing and hiding in MS dirs/regs, make sure duplication isn't occuring( I found the same dll in over 10 places because the manufactors found it neccessary to, a simple map of downloding files should have pointed to the dlls durring the install)

3) Somehow handle versioning so that I do not have to worrying about having the incorrect version of an MS dll from manufacturor x's programs, they do this for their own apps but the opsys should block manufactors from downloading the wrong versions for my opsys, save me hassle from bugs. Check out the duplications for updates under \system32 and sofware distribution dirs(why are the same files with the same sizes and versions done twice or more)

4) Learn to do some dynamic system var changes, especially if I'm the only user and sysadmin. When writing code and I change the sys environ I have to reboot to run my code, that's insane.

5) Since MS tracks you and the legality of your app why do you have to register, they can lock code from permanent purging to keep a handle on piracy. When you own the opsys code the skies the limit in protecting yourself pretty much, their isn't much regulation in the software industry.

6) Multi-layed encryption and decryption tools for programmers or end users. My encrypt encrypt making it tough for an unauthorized decrypt make life harder for them. I won't be long before md5 is completed breakable. All the combos found and put into a quick decrypt app.

7) So lucky, use their international power and marketing techniques to make the little guy techie rule the world and department heads answer to them.

Lastly) Do something about programs that write programs to handle mundane work tasks for all.

Thanks for letting me rant,


PS. This is the first community that really has real tech folks and you can tell. The others are really for the marketer or cook turned techie. And Bill Gates is not to blame for this or the world problems.

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