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Reuse attributes with attributeGroups

By Mark W. Kaelin Editor ·
The Dec. 4, XML TechMail discusses how using the attributeGroup element can increase the efficiency of the schemas for your XML documents. How do you apply XML schemas? Will you use the attributeGroup element?

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Not clear how to apply the attributes

by torque_rider In reply to Reuse attributes with att ...

It wasn't shown how the actual attributes for the example were applied. All that was shown was types of attributes, but not the actual attributes. I'd like to see the example in its entirety after the recommended improvements are applied (a beforeand after shot).

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And the advantage is?

by Colinmac In reply to Reuse attributes with att ...

I'm sure I'm missing the point, but this looks a convoluted way to apply styling that XSL or CSS could handle faster (or more clearly to the uninitiated :-)).

Is it possible to use attributeGroup for a "higher" purpose? For example, could you useone attributeGroup for "normal" styling and a second, differently-styled, attributeGroup for (say) "This data is time-expired"?

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And the advantage is? (Part 2)

by Colinmac In reply to And the advantage is?

....and program an XML switch (based upon date) to switch the two styles?

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cool attribute Group

by sarin_net In reply to Reuse attributes with att ...

The mail on how to use attribute Group was really cool and it would save a lots n lots of memory and i think it will be also efficient to use them.

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