reuse gateway OEM Microsoft Office keys on dell equiptment

By dolson ·
As my old Gateways die I am replaceing them with Dells but did not realize all my Microsoft Office disks and keys only work on Gateway systems. Is there anyway to reuse the keys or do I have to buy totally new Office disks for all my machines?

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By the sounds of things here you are asking us to show

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to reuse gateway OEM Microso ...

You how to Pirate M$ Office Product here.

All M$ OEM product is for the Original Hardware that it was installed on and is Not Transferable to different computers when the Hardware Dies. If you want to transfer any M$ product you need either Volume License Product and will have to buy Licenses for at least 5 of each App or Retail Copies of the Product.

So to remain Legit you can not use Gateway Supplied Office on a Dell System.

You Do have to buy new product for the new computer/s.

Also if this is for a Business when you get caught Pirating M$ Product, M$ will want a $250,000.00 Payment for a first offense as well as listing your Name & address & the Companies Name in their regularly released Enforcement Alerts to discourage others from doing the same thing. Here M$ will use your Home Address not the Business Address and will Name & Shame you. There will also be at least 12 months of Legal Expenses on your side that you need to pay and lots of worry.

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No... not trying to pirate anything.

by dolson In reply to By the sounds of things h ...

I have a stack of Microsoft office disks still wrapped in plastic, never used, didn't even know they were gateway till I tried to use them. thought I could transfer them onto other new machines as the old ones won run xp or vista and are dead. I couldn't find anywhere on the eula about transfering. I guess I will just call microsoft and ask them.

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If these Disc's where for Computers that came with Office Preinstalled

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No... not trying to pirat ...

Then according to M$ you are attempting to Pirate the Software.

But I'm at a bit of a Loss here if these are Office Install CD as apposed to Windows Install Cd's then it shouldn't matter what the Hardware is that you attempt to install them on. However Windows is a completely different story as places like Dell, Gateway and so on Slipstream their Install Disc's and make them only for the Hardware that they where made for. You Can Not get them to work on other hardware even if it comes from the same maker.

From my experience I have never seen a Computer Maker supply their own Office Install Disc's, Windows most defiantly Yes they make those but when it comes to Office they just sell M$ Bundled OEM Office Install Disc's that come in a White Cardboard double or triple set with the Product Key on a Orange Sticker on the Back of the Folding Cardboard.

If you look for an Office Disc with M$ on it that should work but again if this software was already used even if the actual Disc was never removed from it's Shrink Wrap covering you are commenting an Act of Piracy. Well in M$ eyes at least and they are the ones that you can not afford to upset and they are downright nasty when they get upset.


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After reading Oh Smeg's reply.........

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to reuse gateway OEM Microso ...

.... now you know why businesses don't buy OEM software which comes pre-installed with the systems.

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OEM License Limitations

by TheChas In reply to reuse gateway OEM Microso ...

As OH Smeg so completely stated, you cannot transfer an old OEM license to a new computer.

Read the EULA for Microsoft OEM software and you will clearly see that the OEM license is tied to the original hardware.

If the company is unwilling or unable to spend the money for new Microsoft Office licenses, you may want to consider going open source and switching to Open Office.

Keep in mind that the license for Open Office requires you to share any enhancements that you make to the Open Office code. The company I work for does not allow the use of open source software because they do not want to be required to monitor the use of and share customizations.


One additional thing. Unless you get a volume license for Office 2003, you will end up with Office 2007. It may take a lot of searching to come up with a number of retail copies of Office 2003.

Talk with your Microsoft Zone Rep to review your options.


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