Revelations Software for Chuches

By pastordoris ·
How do we get additional licenses to use the software on the Pastor's computer and the network? Our financial director has the program off site on a laptop and we want to use it in the office without accessing the financial information.


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by Jaqui In reply to Revelations Software for ...

contact the company that created the software and buy as many licenses as you need for your systems [ one license per system ]

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Licenses and network access - or web based

by TG2 In reply to Revelations Software for ...

Price list above ... as for network access, it would most likely need to be on a server, and then, unless you have a VPN setup, for the off site person, you would only have access from within the local area network, that is, the network around the machine that runs the server side of the software.

Currently I suspect one of two things. If the software is installed on that one person's machine, you would need to back up there, and install on a centrally accessed computer (a server) at the parish. Then restore the data to the new installation. Then setup VPN access to that installation for the persons that are not local to the machine (Hamachi is a free VPN client, windows based, easy to use and configure, etc) ...** and ** you would most likely have to purchase the multiple user pack add on.

Atlernatively, you could have the WEB based system. The web based system allows multiple access without a single install point .. that is you don't have to run a special machine at the office, and so long as where you are, you have internet access, then you have access to the web based system that ISI provides.

More likely you're using the single user/installed version which doesn't have a "per parishoner" price to it, and will have to install it local to the church and buy the Multi User pack.

Here's the URL for the revalations software page at ISI (Icon Systems Inc)

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