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Reverse DNS

By ssssss2 ·
How do I check the RDNS entry for my mail servers? Suppose my mail server is what should be my RDNS?

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by jguasch In reply to Reverse DNS

Are you talking about MX? or simple reverse lookup?

nslookup "your mail servers fqdn"

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by CXY In reply to Reverse DNS

your RDNS address should be

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by thys_kitshoff In reply to Reverse DNS

if you have a linux box standing around just do a "dig" on the ip or DNS name or try using

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by corey1981 In reply to Reverse DNS

you can use NSLOOKUP on windows NT or XP.
this will give you the PTR (AKA pointer record) for your ip address. if you are running your own mail server, you should get your isp to set up the PTR record for your ip address to point to (if was your domain name) so that you will not have as many problems sending email to aol & getting black-listed. They will usually only change your PTR record if you are a business class customer. then when you run
nslookup you would get instead of the

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by huffc In reply to Reverse DNS
Very handy site for checking DNS related issues.


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by jwoods In reply to Reverse DNS

On Unix, using nslookup you should get:

# nslookup name =

Hope this helps!!!

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