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Have anyone of you in this forum worked on situations where you had generate DML/DDL for upgrades. I have seen scripts which just lists the differences. I am looking for scripts that might help in comparison and generation of the actual ddl/dml. Anyhelp is appreciated. The DDL/DML that I am looking for is as a result of running a comparison between two databases. One production database and the other with changes that need to make it to the production database.

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by swstephe In reply to Reverse Engineering

My favorite is, (for Oracle):

set rows 999;
spool drop.sql;
/* disable all constraints */
select 'alter table '||table_name
||' disable constraint '||constraint_name||';'
from user_constraints;
/* drop all objects */
select 'drop'||object_name||' '||object_type||';'
from user_objects;
spool off;

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