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Reverse KVM

By nidal ·
Im looking for a product that would work as a revers KVM switch, allowing me to connect 50 user stations to a single PC. Allowing a single active user at any point in time, while the remaining 49 would be spectators. The active user would be selected based on "first come first serve" (mouse movement) or any other criteria.

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Whatever for?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Reverse KVM

I don't have an answer for you, but I wonder what the purpose of this is. A description of what you want to do with this might help others suggest a hardware solution.

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reverse KVM

by nidal In reply to Whatever for?

it could be used for:
education - calss room enviroment
industrial - monitoring
In our case we have inquiry for the airport, 50 user stations need to access the same application. the 50 users will be working in shifts (a hand full at any point in time), but all of them have to have access to the same application.

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Still confused

by CharlieSpencer In reply to reverse KVM

Based on your original question, it sounds like 1 person is going to work while the other 49 sit and watch. Having control of the app based on who moves their mouse would result in some workers never doing anything since they won't move their mouse. (I'd disconnect mine! How do I get one of those 49 jobs?) Wouldn't you want everyone to be working at once?

As to a classroom environment, it's going to cost a lot less to get one computer and a projector and let the students swap seats.

I don't think there is such a device as you're looking for, but maybe someone will spot this discussion and respond.

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Two solutions: IP-based-KVM or remote desktop solution

by robo_dev In reply to Still confused

KVM solutions that use the network will allow multiple users to view and/or take control via a web browser.

Remote-desktop solutions, such as Windows Remote Desktop, Ultra-VNC, or PC-Anywhere could work, although many of these are really made for one connection at a time.

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by nidal In reply to Two solutions: IP-based-K ...

they have up to 166 users and they are planning to release a 320 user by year end.
8 ports IN (minimum) and upto 160 ports out, and its fiber...

thanks guys..

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Unusual Request

by dwdino In reply to Reverse KVM

Netop may have what you are looking for.

But why not use a terminal server (or similar) to grant access on demand to an application?

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