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    Reverse lookup zone of 16 bit – Windows 2008


    by voldar ·

    In Windows 2003, the reverse lookup zones of 16bit, have the following structure (i.e) :
    * zone
    **0 – “folder” for 10.0.0.x records
    **1 – “folder” for 10.0.1.x records
    … etc

    In Windows 2008, the same reverse lookup zones have only records and no “folders” for the subnets. Why and is it possible to have the same “layout” as in Windows 2003 ? How ? Thank you for your help, it is very much appreciated.

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      by voldar ·

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      You should have a “folder” for each zone.

      by seanferd ·

      In reply to Reverse lookup zone of 16 bit – Windows 2008

      Beyond that, I don’t think you can make it look like DNS Server 2003 snap-in. That’s just the way the console snap-in displays it.

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      To be more explicit :

      by voldar ·

      In reply to Reverse lookup zone of 16 bit – Windows 2008

      To be more specific, in Windows 2003 you see :

      and in Windows 2008, you see :

      Instead of the records in Windows 2008, I would like to see first the “node” (3rd octet) and then the records in a 16 bit “structure”. In Windows 2003 if using a 16 bit “structure”, it creates the node by default when registering a PTR record, not in Windows 2008 though.

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        by seanferd ·

        In reply to To be more explicit :

        I just personally can’t help you to achieve what you want, if it is at all possible.

        All I do know is that MS designed the 2k8 console interface as an “improvement”. I just don’t think there is any way to change how 2k8, the management console, and the snap-in behave. The only thing I can possibly suggest is copying a 2k3 snap-in for this and trying it. Maybe the MMC itself if there is a difference between what is on 2k8 and what is on 2k3. May not work, may not make any difference, but I’m at the limits of my knowledge here. Someone else will need to add their Windows server experience to this thread.

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          Thank you

          by voldar ·

          In reply to Right.

          for the suggestion. This behavior of the snap-in gives me headaches because I am no longer capable to activate the aging/scavenging by nodes and it is a real problem to me. I will try to compare the registry of W2K3 vs. W2K8 and try to find out the “culprit”.

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