Revert To Restore Point And Then Back To The Present?

By Green_Ghost ·
I need to recover my bookmarks in Google Chrome. Unfortunately I've deleted my "user" which is located in Chrome's SETTINGS under PEOPLE. What that did was remove all my bookmarks, which I really need. (There are too many to just replace manually). I have backed them up to a file in the past but I have not done it recently so even if I use the back up that I have, I would still be missing some. When the "user" was deleted, Chrome warned that this 'could not be undone'.

I really need to recover those bookmarks.

I thought to just do a system restore, which I'm assuming would get the old 'user' back and therefore allow me to back up the bookmarks. My question is this: Could I then put the machine back to present time?

Also, am I correct about my assumption that I will indeed get back my old 'user' in Chrome?

If anyone could help, it would be appreciated.

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