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Hi everyone,

I have a sony vaio 210ce which came with Windows Vista installed. I am quite impatient with the startup time and speed I am getting and I am willing to revert to the more familiar XP.

I want to know if there would be any loss of functionality in any form, and how to avoid it - or rather prepare to restore it. Has anyone reverted to Win XP from a pre-installed Vista?

Kindly give me some notes.

PS: I initially submitted this using "Visio" instead of "Vista". Pardon me. I have edited the intial posting.

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Well I think you mean Vista not Visio here

by OH Smeg In reply to REVERTING TO WINDOWS XP F ...

As one is a OS and the other is a Application that runs on the OS.

Anyway before proceeding with this there are a few things you need to know. Vista is a resource Hog and needs a lot more resources than most companies give the computers that they build to run it. So for starters turn off your Sony read the Destruction Manual and see how much ram can be fitted to it then go out and buy this amount & Configuration of RAM and fit it to the NB. You'll notice a massive improvement immediately without doing anything else.

Two reasons for this and both are to do with the way that this is setup. The M'Board has Dual Chanel RAM support but for this it needs to sticks of RAM of the same Size and Specification to work. If this isn't present the CPU is run at 50% of the V FSB as there is only 1 of the 2 Chanel's available.

The System Makers never fir enough RAM as this costs money and as the customers want the best computer for the price that they are willing to pay this is exactly what they got a decent computer with not enough of anything eg CPU Speed, RAM and so on the System makers use the fastest CPU that the Customer can afford in that Model of computer and the minimum amount of RAM that will run the OS. Even if the Customer pays for the easy RAM Upgrade the sellers tend to pull out the existing RAM and fir 1 Bigger Stick to the computer. With the Free Upgrade that some offer this is to double the basic RAM from way too little to about less that what is required but better than before.

With Vista stick all the RAM that you can onto the M'Board provided that it's 4 GIG or Less for a 32 Bit version of Windows anything. If the copy of Windows doesn't say anything about the version of it it's a 32 Bit version all the 64 Bit versions are currently branded that way.

As for removing Vista and installing XP this depends on the available drivers. You need to open the Device Manager make a list of all the Devices in there and go on line and look for XP Drivers for these bits of hardware. If you can get them all then there will be no loss of functionality when you install XP. If you can not get a XP Driver for that bit or pieces of hardware then that hardware will not work in XP.

You will have to search the WWW for these drivers not rely on Sony providing them as they don't.

Now when it comes to actually installing XP you need a Legal Copy and a OEM Version not a system Makers Recovery Disc as that isn't a full version of XP it only has the bits required to install and load the bits of hardware it was made for so no Default Window Drivers and no ability to do a repair Install.

Then you need to look at your version of Vista and see if it is Legal to reload XP onto this system the Basic Home version doesn't have a Backward License and then you need to buy a Copy of XP to install on your computer to remain Legit and not face the possibility of being hit with a massive .25 Million Dollar Fine from M$ for Piracy.

So if you have the Enterprise, Business Professional or better Versions of Vista you can legitimately install a copy of XP to this computer and if you don't you have to buy a Copy of XP or a upgrade of Vista to Ultimate or better.

That is the starting point of what you need to look at I hope it helps you.


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Spot on, and thanks

by Eddie, GH In reply to Well I think you mean Vis ...

You're spot on, Smeg. I was using Visio the day before when the irritation of slow speed racked my nerves, I guess that got me to mix up the names.

I will try the RAM upgrade first, as you have recommended, but I have my doubts on getting a compatible one in shops here in Ghana. Vaio is a fairly new thing in Ghana, and spares are not likely to have hit our market at this time.

Whichever way, I will keep members posted.

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The Vaio doesn't use any special RAM

by OH Smeg In reply to Spot on, and thanks

Now watch all the Sony Owners jump down my through.

I personally would just replace both sticks with the biggest that the Sockets can hold. This should just be SO DDR2 RAM and should be available everywhere that sells NB Memory. But check in the Destruction Manual for the NB or look on Sony's Web Site for both the Type and the biggest amount supported.

Personally I only ever use Corsair RAM but that is because I support business when Memory errors are costly. I'm sure that the cheaper stuff work quite OK provided you have Identical Sticks.


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by Eddie, GH In reply to Well I think you mean Vis ...

Your suggestion proved very useful. I doubled the RAM, and performance has improved. Though there are other enterprise issues with protection etc... those are in other directions. Thanks again.

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Your Welcome <NT>

by OH Smeg In reply to DOUBLED RAM - WORKED FINE
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First of All

by AruJammer In reply to REVERTING TO WINDOWS XP F ...

If you want to downgrade to WinXP, contact your local vendor or Sony VIAO support and ask them if they have a downgrade software to XP.

I have tried this with HP, they send me a downgrade OS and XP was installed as simply as that without driver problems and i didn't had to buy the XP OS

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Youre lucky, HP cut me loose

by jeffzz421 In reply to First of All

That must have been nice. I have an HP compaq f572us and called them about my switching back to XP. They told me that I was SOL since my laptop came with Vista. Oh well, I got it figured out thanks to TR!.

Hey, try just googling your Vaio model number and 'XP downgrade' or something like that. I found a whole zip file of all the drivers I needed for XP on my machine. You may be able to do the same.

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Don't Foreget...

by zack_chimento In reply to REVERTING TO WINDOWS XP F ...

Vista is HEAVILY reliant on 3D Graphics GPU's. For greatly increased performance, I would reccomend using vista in combination with a video card that has s minimum of 256mb of VRAM.

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And when it is a NB that has Vista loaded you do what then?

by OH Smeg In reply to Don't Foreget...

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