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By trdone ·
I've seen on some computer (win XP) when you open 'My Computer' in the left column under details you can see a preview of say an AutoCad drawing. Is this a hinden feature that can be turned on somewhere.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Review in folder 'Details ...

open a folder, on teh menubar click tools>folder options make sure "show common tasks in folders" is marked Click apply

now find the icon of the pic you want to see a preview of, click it once, there should be a column on the left of the screen, make sure the "Details" section is expanded. thats where the pic will be previewed

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Thnaks Mike

by trdone In reply to TOOLS\FOLDER OPTIONS

I've got show common tasks checked but I'm still not seeing some of the 'previews' I would expect or have seen on other computers. Possible that it something Microsoft 'lost' some of the functionality too along the way. I'm running a roll back of Vista that is supposed to be XP Pro.

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Thnaks Mike

Sorry my first post didn't work out for you

if all else fails you can use thumbnail view right?

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no preview

by trdone In reply to Thumbnails

No thumbnail won't show the files either. I'll have to see on the other computer that I know it works on if you can view these files (example .dwg) with thumbnail at all. Otherwise I'll lost.

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It's also a feature of documents being saved....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Thnaks Mike

Some types of documents have the ability to save previews when they're saved. If that box isn't checked when the document is saved, you won't 'see' a preview like you're expecting.

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box checked

by trdone In reply to It's also a feature of do ...

Upon double checking the box is checked for save preview but still no luck. Thanks for your reply.

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