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    revive the harddrive


    by edwin.elifuraha ·

    i have a harddrive whose partition table is corrupted
    Now a need a software or mechanism or procedure which can help me repair the partition table/master boot record and revive the harddrive so that it can boot again

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      by thechas ·

      In reply to revive the harddrive

      One option is Spirite:

      It’s not free-ware, but is pretty good.

      Depending on the age of the drive, and your confidence in it, I recommend that you consider using the software just to recover the files and replace the drive.

      There is no sense trusting a potentially failing hard drive.


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      Reply To: revive the harddrive

      by jepott ·

      In reply to revive the harddrive

      Spinrite is an awesome tool – I wouldn’t leave home without it…. but it does cost! You might try starting the computer with your w2k boot CD and going into the console and running FIXBOOT and FIXMBR. Hope this helps!


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      Reply To: revive the harddrive

      by jdgretz ·

      In reply to revive the harddrive

      My first question is what do you really want to accomplish here? If you just need the data, then On-Track has a good program for that. Recover your data to an alternate drive then rebuild the drive and don’t worry about trying to rebuild the partition table as it’s probably not worth the effort.

      Fdisk /mbr will sometimes fix the Master Boot Record but that won’t help with the partition table.


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