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Reviving laptop batteries

By steven ·
I have read of people using the Mac operating system being able to restore an apparently dead laptop battery by booting into Firmware and resetting some of the values.
Is there a similar fix in the Windows OS ?

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by TheChas In reply to Reviving laptop batteries

Sounds like an urban legend to me.

Unless, Mac's set a maximum battery charge cycle limit and there is a method to change or reset the number of charge cycles on a battery pack.

When a battery pack fails, usually 1 or more of the cells in the pack develops a reversed charge. This is a physical / chemical change, and CANNOT be reversed by ANY firmware setting.
(In the "old" days of first generation Ni-Cad batteries, we used to "recover" a reversed charged cell by shocking it with a high voltage high current blast to the cell. Fun, but dangerous.)

The "best" recovery method for a bad battery pack is to open it up, find the defective cell, and replace it.
In most battery packs, the individual cells are "spot-welded" together. There usually is not any room for running wires between cells.

In many major US cities, there are battery stores that among other things have the equipment to rebuild battery packs.

Once 1 cell goes bad, it usually does not take very long for other cells to fail. I recommend either getting a new battery pack, or having all of the individual cells replaced.

Just had another thought on the Mac firmware setting issue.
In the case of Lithium Ion batteries, there is a maximum service life. After the service life, (approximately 2 years) there is a SERIOUS risk of the batteries developing a chemical breakdown, and going into thermal runaway. This can result in an exploding battery.

NEVER attempt to extend the service life of a Lithium Ion battery!!!


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by Oz_Media In reply to Reviving laptop batteries

I have seen a few resources online that show you exactly how to flash the battery and reset them.
This wil show you how to recalibrate the battery depending on which type of battery your notbook uses.

I wouldn't recommend wasting your time though, I just replaced several batteries for IBM Thinkpad's by using aftermarket batteries from Magnacharge (excellent company)that cost a lot less than IBM's offering. These batteries are also completely okay by IBM so as not to void any warranties, so you can find aftermarket parts for proprietary equipment.

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