RF Scanners and VB .Net

By jankiah ·

i need to write a retail picking system that will use rf scanners and Here's a scenario... a customer places an order on the internet, that order is transfered to the relevant store via a webservice and is merged into a mysql db and displayed on the client pc via the app.(up until here all works fine). The problem is that order needs to be sent to the rf scanner so that the picker can walk the shop floor to pick the order. The scanner needs to display the barcode, quantity and description of the product. The picker must be able to only scan that barcode and throw an exception if he attempts to scan a different barcode. On completion of the scan that information must be sent back to the db and the next product must appear on the scanner. I've seen this done before where the developers used vb forms(i.e. the layout that appears on the scanner eg. menus to use selects etc..) stored on the server and the rf scanner access these forms according to the selection made by the picker on the rf scanner but I have NO idea on how to go about doing this. I tried to search the net but there no information on this.

Any help would be highly appreciated !!!


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