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RFID in the Prison Systems

By kenneth.schall ·
Has anyone come up with an idea to implant RFID chips in federally, and possibly state, convicted prisoners?

This really makes sense when you think about it. The prison management will know where every prisoner is at any given time. I know that it kind of starts to hint at the movie Fortress, but...

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by TheChas In reply to RFID in the Prison System ...

I suspect that a few people have considered this idea and are not willing to even try to deal with the guaranteed court challenges.

Considering the number of creative sentencing ideas that have been tossed out by the courts.

Without taking time to review the Constitution, I'm sure that the ACLU and other groups could find several amendments that implanted ID chips would violate.

I would rather have my tax dollars spent on increased law enforcement rather than legal fights on RFID tracking of prisoners.


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The Beginning of the End

by SkipperUSN In reply to RFID in the Prison System ...

Ah - The Beginning of the End -

Lets see - we RFID the Prisioners - To know where they are... Hum why don't we RFID Your Kid so we know where they are - and just in case someone kidnaps them - or they get Lost - or They wonder off at the local mall -

Yea - thats it ...

Then we RFID you - so we know were you are - and what you are doing ... so when you call in sick to the office they can tell if your at home or out on your boat...

Yea - Thats the Ticket ....

You got to stop these idiots at the very on set - RFID any human is against Human Rights - no matter how you justify it...

You want RFID's Stick one up your own butt... They can keep it... no matter what it means - I'll bet they will do it in Europe or England - first ... they are dumb enoug to accept that for security ...

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You know..

by maecuff In reply to The Beginning of the End

I really thought that I was actually going to agree with something you said (Jim?Skipper?) And then you have to go and insult all of Europe. You make Americans look so bad. (By the way, England is IN Europe, so your 'OR' situation isn't very logical).

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Like it or not RFID is coming!

by Hermix In reply to You know..

Check out

You got'ta wonder.........what are 'they' looking for?

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Agree, I have cheaper solution...

by TomSal In reply to The Beginning of the End

The government should just purchase some Barrett .50 caliber sniping rifles, distribute one or two (two for larger prisons) to each federal prison in the country.

Then we start putting some bullets in the brains of folks on deathrow for 8.3 million years.

That should reduce the populace of our prison system and at about $14,000 to $21,500 PER Inmate PER YEAR we'll start reducing expenditures real quick.

(PS. I agree, I don't like the thought of using RFIDs in humans, for ANY reason....start there and over the years one thing leads to another --- soon the scenario in the Terminator movies seems freakishly thanks! lol)

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RFID and Prisoners

by mjcrown In reply to RFID in the Prison System ...

You would think companies like
and others would run to this part of the business, but it
smells oa legal trouble to me.

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