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RFID technology: Worth Being Upset Over?

By TomSal ·
I got this from (a CNET company)...over there folks are getting in an uproar over this as a privacy issue -- I was curious what the TR audience thought of it?

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Theme park takes visitors to RFID-land
By Alorie Gilbert CNET September 14, 2004, 3:24 PM PT

A Florida theme park is helping parents keep track of their kids--by giving them wristbands embedded with high-tech radio signal technology.

Wannado City issues the radio frequency identification (RFID) wristbands to all visitors as part of general admission to the park, according to a release from Texas Instruments, the maker of the wristbands. The theme park opened last month in the Fort Lauderdale area.

The wristbands contain special microchips, or RFID tags, that wirelessly signal their whereabouts to reading devices throughout the 140,000-square-foot facility. Visitors can locate other members of their group by using touch-screen kiosks throughout the park that are linked to the system, called SafeTzone's Real-Time Locating System.

People have used RFID technology for years to track and identify livestock and lost pets. More recently, it has been put to use to monitor humans, and hospitals and prisons have begun to use RFID wristbands to keep tabs on patients and inmates.

One company, called Applied Digital Solutions, is even experimenting with injecting RFID chips into people's arms. Mexico's attorney general grabbed the headlines last month when the Mexican government announced he'd been injected with the company's chip to give him access to high-security facilities. The country is also studying the technology as a tool for combating kidnappings.

Businesses are finding new uses for RFID technology too. Wal-Mart Stores, Albertsons and dozens of other major retail chains and consumer goods manufactuers are slapping RFID tags onto merchandise with the hope that the technology will help them juggle inventory efficiently. Pharmaceutial makers are examining RFID systems as an antidote to the counterfeit drug trade.

Texas Instruments said it and its partner RF Code have installed the SafeTzone's Real-Time Locating System tracking technology at Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara, Calif., Wild Rivers Water Park in Irvine, Calif., Dollywood's Splash Country in Pigeon Forge, Tenn., and Wet 'n Wild in Las Vegas.

Steamboat Springs Ski Resort in Colorado also plans to install the system. A LegoLand in Denmark is using similar technology to reunite kids separated from parents at its amusement park.

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Sci Fi

by Black Panther In reply to RFID technology: Worth Be ...

Everybody use to laugh when they said they will land on the moon!

Everybody use to laugh when they said everybody will own their own computer!

Everybody use to laugh when they said everybody will own a mobile phone, a vcr, dvd player etc etc

Now everybody is laughing when they are saying you will have a microchip implanted in your head
capable of replacing/assisting your memory, capable of RF Transmission to another person, capable of being used a a tracking device!

Are you sure we are heading forwards!!!

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When is enough too much?

by Mark W. Kaelin Editor In reply to RFID technology: Worth Be ...

Whether you are ready or not, RFID tags are about to become ubiquitous; showing up in everything from international cargo containers to packs of chewing gum. This mass adoption of the technology is taking place despite concerns over privacy.

Will you accept an RFID tag under your skin if it means quicker airport access? At what point will this technology begin to worry you?

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RFID is a great idea

by sMoRTy71 In reply to RFID technology: Worth Be ...

If you take out the paranoid, Big Brother nonsense (i.e. the government will put a chip in my head) and really look at the practical applications, RFID is a great idea.

I'd love to be able to tag my cell phone or my car keys or my remote control so that I could find them more easily. I'd love to be able to wear an RFID-enabled watch (or something similar) that would transmit information to my home automation software (turn on lights, adjust temperature when I arrive home, etc.) or to the locks on my car door or the security system at my office. I'd really love to be able to give my kids an RFID wristband when we go to the mall or to Disney World. I'd love to go to the library and actually be able to locate the book that is available but not in the proper place. I think you get the idea.

Back in the '70s, people said barcodes were the work of "Satan." Has anyone forced you to get a barcode on your head? Why would anyone think the same of RFID?

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Good Point

by TomSal In reply to RFID is a great idea

I think the technology definitely has very useful purposes -- so it should be used. However silly a concept or not , I think its a little freaky to think of someone putting chips in our bodies.

I'm fine with RFID for tracking materials/products/goods, but on human beings -- its a bit too much too soon to take in.

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