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By Jessica Lynn ·
We tend to create a number of RFPs (Request for Proposals) for our clients. So we create the initial list of questions and send it to maybe 7 vendors that provide the service. We then take the answers from each vendor and put it into a side by side comparison. Something like QUESTION 1 VENDOR A VENDOR B VENDOR C VENDOR D

The question is, we want a database that we can use to enter the answers into then create the report from. Each RFP will have some of the same answers (like where are you located and what is your contact information) and could have different answers from the vendor (like for service X only what do you do or for service Y only what do you do) or it could be some larger combination of things (like for services X , Y and Z what do you do).

We tend to use the same 20 or so vendors and replicate their answers on a number of reports.

So the question is, I'm looking for something to help us do this. Any ideas? (We have RFP Machine but that's for answering proposals, not analysis)

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RFP (Request for Proposals) Template

by sunshine12B In reply to RFP Response

Hi Jessica,

We are looking to have an outside vendor migratre our services over to a virtualization Blade server, to get rid of so many extra servers. Would you have a template or can you recommend a location where I can find a template to assist us?

Sunshine 12b

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