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    RH9 and a P2 400


    by jeremicam ·

    I have an old P2 400mhz with 256mb of PC100 RAM sitting around (was a dell if you can remember those guys). I have great aspirations to make this into my webserver witha 40gig HD. I want to run RH9 but I am running into a problem. To test it out I installed RH9 in workstation mode. It looks great on boot but as soon as you enter the GUI it starts slowing down. At the point where control is turned over to me it takes 45seconds to a minute JUST TO LOAD A COMMAND LINE! I have asked this question before and found that others are running this same system with much luck. The question is “What process’s do I need to disable to run a stable Webserver from my home”

    Hope thats not too complicated. But in case it is im offering 300 points =)

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      Reply To: RH9 and a P2 400

      by blitzsonik ·

      In reply to RH9 and a P2 400

      My suggestion would be to dump RH9 and go with OpenBSD or FreeBSD. Both are free UNIX based operating systems that use virtually no resources.

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      Reply To: RH9 and a P2 400

      by oz_ollie ·

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      You can basically get rid of just about everything other than Apache (and it’s mosules for PHP, CGI, MySQL, etc), VSFTP (Very Secure FTP), and not even bother with a GUI. If you must have a GUI (and yes I do use the GUI environment on servers) make sure that the default run level is 3 – edit /etc/inittab – it is well commented.

      When you are doing the install just select the Web Server, FTP Server, one GUI (Gnome/KDE/IceWM/your preference) and you network security like SNORT, AIDE, or other intrusion detection.

      I have Red Hat 9 running as an Apache Web Server & FTP server in a classroom on a Celeron 500 with 256 MB RAM and have a number of other packages I use to demonstrate to students (including Webmin) and it works quite well. It can be a little slow but yours seems too slow. Is it attached to the Intenet? Have run chkrootkit/rkhunter to ensure it hasn’t been hacked? Are you running a virus scanner like Bit Defender Console (free version) as a cron job? Are you running SNORT/Tripwire for intrusion detection? Hav eyou run nmap to make sure you only have ports 80, 20 & 21 open on your firewall?

      Hope this helps and gives you a way to start looking for your solution!



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      Reply To: RH9 and a P2 400

      by nico baggus ·

      In reply to RH9 and a P2 400

      You can also look for a distro that is put
      together for these kinds of work:

      It is easy to install and manage through a
      webinterface. It is redhat 9 based but tailored
      for creating a webappliance… (apache, php,
      snort, ssh, samba, firewall (VPN in the paid for
      version) if needed…)

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      Reply To: RH9 and a P2 400

      by choppit ·

      In reply to RH9 and a P2 400

      Reinstall selecting only Apache (no gui)and the installer should take care of the dependencies. Create a list of installed RPMs (rpm -qa) and download and install any updates from one of the RPM mirrors.

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