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      UNITY: The Middle Path of the 3rd Way

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      It has been said by a very wise man that, when it’s really working, organizations on the cutting-edge of human potential and possibility, organization as an enterprise, exist as a resource for people at work in life, living and expanding a life of transformation; that is to say, people generating new realms of possibility (present to possibility itself), and inside of that new realm of possibility inventing new possibilities for themselves.


      Furthermore, it has been said also by that wise man that the struggle is always between really swinging out and “going for it” (as yet another wise man has said) and having our actions oriented around producing the measures. “If such a work produces nothing extraordinary and measurable”, he said, “then arguably no difference is being made, while by the same token, if we churn out (product) after (product) with “acceptable” measures, we have no idea if anything of any value is being created.”


      It is the middle path of THE 3RD EYE, “The Third Way” (or the Third Wave) that this particular wise man thinks needs to be explored with a commitment to extraordinary results that show up in measurable ways. (Editor notes: maybe something like a science, measurable, repeatable, quantitative and qualifying results.)


      Who he is – that he is – is that such organizations are committed to this Third Way, this Third Wave, this Third Eye, as it were, or not. “There is a responsibility to business being sustainable for without that there is no business, there is no organization. And, at the same time, one cannot compromise the mission of an enterprise, which in it’s simplest iteration is the transformation of life for human beings.”


      There is some agreement with this assessment of the relationship between business, measures and “swinging out and going for it.” However, experience is top heavy with examples of organizations that, when push comes to shove, usually error on the side of business and measures. Innovations, revolutionary concepts and practices, thinking outside the box, advanced research and development, new ideas from unlikely sources – these are usually acceptable sacrifices, collateral causalities calculated simply as the cost of keeping business sustainable.


      Few organizations offer excellent products (so far as it goes). Organizations which do contribute valuably to people’s lives and produce measurable results are few and far between. There are, however, enterprises which do pretty much what they claim to do (within a liberal latitude of expectancy) and they do not do what they do not claim to do.


      But what about the Fourth and Fifth Wave? What about the Fifth Eye of the Tao? Beyond the Way of the Easy Eye?


      Most organizations existing as enterprises nowadays cannot offer technology beyond the “transformation of life for human beings” and wouldn’t know how to present it anyway. That empty and meaningless space and presence of POSSIBILITY, which is neither empty nor meaningless, nor is it even a space-time; which has no location, no energy, no wavelength, no physical properties, no time, no purpose or goal, no identity, no distinctions and no “is-was-and-always-shall-be”, to which the Third Eye and the Easy Way cannot address itself nor penetrate – this is the inquiry that captures the attention and interest of the Ninth Wave of the Future Eye of the Tao.


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