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    RIAA and Techethics


    by cactus pete ·

    In January, mrafrohead started a discussion about the music industry backing a hacker to develop exlpoits in file swapping software. [Thread 116181]

    This morning on CNN, and in an article sent to me via TR today, I saw that this is at least somewhat true. Here’s the link TR sent to me:

    My questions:

    Do you feel it is within the rights of the music industry to protect their copyrights to this extent?

    Do you feel it violates the rightsof the computer users at all?

    Any other opining contributors?

    I’ll make my views on this clear later, if you don’t already know them…

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      Super DMCA

      by thechas ·

      In reply to RIAA and Techethics

      The RIAA has been working in the shadows to get the individual states to pass the enabling legislation they need for their plans.

      Among other things, the SDMCA effectively makes the use of a firewall illegal.

      The biggest problem that I have with the RIAA is that their actions are based on a false assumption.

      Since the early 70’s and the cassette recorder, the RIAA has equated ALL blank media and shared usage as lost sales.
      The reality is that lessthan 10% of shared media would be purchased if they user could not get it for free.

      The RIAA needs to wake up, and realize that the youth of today,
      A: do not have as much ‘free’ spending money as previous generations
      B: have more entertainment options calling for those dollars

      Now, I think the file sharers should be shut down. What they are doing is clearly illegal.
      However, the draconian tactics that the RIAA is taking are more apt to result in the total collapse of the recording industry than in increased sales and profits.

      The recording industry needs to trim a LOT of waste and nepotism at the top. That will be the first step in becoming lean, mean and relative.

      Next, the price of commercial CDs needs to drop to around $5 each.

      The best way for the record industry to stop file swapping is by providing low cost music that people actually want to pay for.


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        In General

        by oldefar ·

        In reply to Super DMCA

        While I have read the statements posted by, I have not taken the time to verify their statements or to research the position of the recording industry. Until I do so, I hesitate to jump in on either side.

        On a general thought, there are several assumptions we need to hold dear and to defend. First is that an individual is innocent until proven guilty. Assumption of innocence is a cornerstone of the American legal system. Next is protection against unreasonable search and seizure. There is a reason court orders are required before the police or any other law enforcement agency can search or seize property – assumption of innocence.

        There is also a historical basis for doubting the impact of illegal copies. The case was thought to exist for record blanks, photo copiers, cassettes, and video recorders. The fact was that most of us would prefer to buy, and use copies only for convenience. New technology does not negate this.

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      Link to prior discussion

      by thechas ·

      In reply to RIAA and Techethics

      Here is the link to the previous discussion started by mrafrohead that dpetrak referes to.


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      NPR Morning Edition 5/6/2003

      by thechas ·

      In reply to RIAA and Techethics

      There was a story this morning on NPR’s Morning Edition that provides a little incite on the Super DMCA acts adopted by several states.

      Here is a link to the audio version of the story:

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