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By tech ·
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Not at all

by tech In reply to Ridiculous.

Keyphrase "I was an independent consultant for almost 20 years" and guess what I have been in the business for more than 20 years, and I still am. No, I am not talking about one or two machines. Microsoft (and many other companies) have a history of this.

The Yugo comparison, is called an analogy. Some people (myself included) do research something before they buy. Stop trying to berate the person you are debating, that's what people do when they have run out of a valid argument.

The point is not everyone has enough knowledge or ability to understand how engine horsepower affects speed. That is even more true when you talk about computers. The manufactures go out of their way to obfuscate the actual power of the systems. Then you add in Microsoft's age old selling tactic that the new operating system is faster and more efficient, so upgrade from XP to Vista today. When in fact Vista required an order of magnitude more RAM, and CPU power and sure, a lot of people bought into the Microsoft sales pitch and were later disappointed. The Yugo analogy was to point out that if you are burned once, the next time you are told buy a better Yugo, you step back and go "Don't think so".

This has been Microsofts history for years and many generations of products. Remember Windows 98? Windows ME? Windows Vista? As a matter of fact Microsoft has a distinct pattern for those who bother to look. Looking back it goes something like this:

Windows 95 - Good
Windows 98 - Bad
Windows 98SE - Good
Windows ME - AWFUL
Windows XP - Good
Winodws Vista - BAD
Windows 7 - Decent
Windows 8 - Hmmm Based on history, don't think I am going to bet on this one.

But don't believe me, this is shown in any objective look at Winodws OS's over the years and similar comparisons (that go into more depth about the problems) can be found elsewhere, they are irrelevant to the current discussion.

We have a point, it is one you refuse to see, either because it is too in your face, or because you are looking the other way.

As I have stated many times. I choose the best product for the job, sometimes it's Microsoft, but more often it is not. I am not prejudiced against Microsoft, but I am not going to run around waving their flag either, their record isn't that great.

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Just the obvious thing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not at all

XP when it was first released was

Very Bad

After SP1 it started to get better and by the time SP2 was released it was an Industry Standard which everyone seemed to want to keep forever no matter that by the time it was replaced the hardware had already outgrown it drastically.

As far as the 64 Bit Version of XP goes it's still in the

Bad camp where it belongs.

I also know some people who Love ME and hate what was before it and what replaced it. Granted I think that they need Psychiatric Treatment but none the less they love ME. I don't think I've run across anyone who feels the same about Vista but what I do find amusing is that many people will berate Vista and then go onto rave about 7 which in their opinion is better than Sliced Bread. They seem incapable to realize that 7 is just a Developed Vista the same as XP was slowly developed over the years into a Great OS from a relatively Poor one. By the time that the Hardware grew to support XP it was considered as great but when it was first released it fell into the same category as Vista has.

Also what happened to Windows 2000? It was around for quite some time between ME and XP not to mention any of the NT products which where all very good at what they did for the time that they where made.


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That's quotable...

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Just the obvious thing

"I think that they need Psychiatric Treatment but none the less they love ME." -OH Smeg

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But everyone Loves Smeggy

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to That's quotable...

It's that Hal 9000 and Orac that you have to watch out for.

Both of those things need to be watched "Very Carefully" But Smeggy is harmless and something that can commonly be associated with. Like when things go wrong and you know it's your fault what do you say first? :^0

After all Smeg Head, Smeg It, OH Smeg or anything along those lines can never be complained about no matter whos there. Where as F### I# always gets a notification from HR with a swag of complaints.


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by PurpleSkys In reply to Ridiculous.

I loved had to have been my fave OS. I've turned off all the bells and whistles that comes along with win7 the same as i did with XP pro. Everything is in classic view with small icons on my desktop. I just don't get why everything has to be so big and bulky and flashy...It's not a disco eh.

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Vista isn't bad.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Ridiculous.

It was incorrectly, even falsely marketed. The OS itself is at least as good as 98SE or 2K. The problem was MS permitted vendors to slap a variety of 'Vista Compatible' stickers on underpowered hardware, and MS listed insufficent hardware specs on the retail boxes. People wound up trying to run it on systems it shouldn't have been installed on.

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I waited for SP1

by JamesRL In reply to Vista isn't bad.

And Vista SP1 was fine. Stable, not fast.

But I had a kick *** system. It runs Win7 better than Vista I think, but that could be because I'm running in 64 bit mode as opposed to 32 bit Vista.

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Yeah, but that's standard practice.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I waited for SP1

Never install anything from MS until the first SP is released.

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I learned that the hard way.

by JamesRL In reply to Yeah, but that's standard ...

Word for Mac 3.0, MS DOS 3.0 etc.

The joke on the Mc platform was after the Word fiasco, the next version of Excel wasn't released as 2,0, it was 2.2, just to fool people who made the same rule.

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by Alexandra Esquivel In reply to Ridiculous.

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