Right Backup Software for the Job???

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Currently, I am working in an organization that has a server and 13 Computers. Currently the server is running all of the accounting and billing software for the Company. The computers are not on a domain, and are not connected directly to the server. It is simply a peer to peer network. All data is currently stored on the workstations and they are not ready to change that! So I want to back up this data so that If there were a problem I can recover something. I've looked at multiple backup systems and most of them are really expensive or made for a domain. I am currently doing the job by writing scripts, however it is getting out of hand because when the user moves their files then the backup fails, or if the server does not log in to the remote system the backup fails. But I am looking for some software so I can backup the PC's to a centralized location (HDD attached to Server) and then remove the drive on a daily basis for offsite storage. I looked at the Symantec but by the time you purchase the server and agent licenses your looking at $1500 plus with all of the different versions, I cant figure out which one will do the job. Any one have any ideas on a easy cost effective way to accomplish this?

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first of all...........

by david.wallis In reply to Right Backup Software for ...

You need to get all the data off peoples computers and get it stored on the server. If they give you any problems saying they dont want to do that, explain to them if there is a fire in the building then their company is no more.
By backing all the data up onto the server you have it in one place where you can back up from. Make a share on the server and make a directory for each user, put all their data in there.

Now as for backup you have several options...

the cheapest is a USB HDD where you could copy the user data each night and take the HDD offsite so the data is safe in event of fire.....

thats how i would do it in your situation....
Ideally you should have 3 HDDs so you can do weekly backups. 1 week on hdd1 next on week 2 next on week 3, then go back and write over week 1 :)

thats the cheapest solution i think

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I'm afraid I dont agree

by tintoman In reply to Right Backup Software for ...

with David's answer, for example you said that your client won't agree to centralise the storage of their data, that is their choice and all you can do is advise, you cannot insist.
Secondly you seem to looking for a software solution to automate the backup of all the pcs on this network and an external hard drive will not do that.
However I had a similar problem with a client of mine who has rather foolishly in my opinion bought computers running home versions of windows, but I found a solution it.
I have installed a new pc with windows home server loaded onto it, of course there is a sharefile on there but if nobody wants to use it thats ok, the important thing is that the server auto backs up all the computers connected to it.
You can configure a schedule for that as you would with SBS.
I see this as a releatively inexpensive option since you do not need to add any software to the client computers other than connectivity software which is distributed by the server.
The only other criteria is that home server cannot back up any computers that have a FAT format and must be NTFS
Hope that was a help

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by david.wallis In reply to I'm afraid I dont agree

each to their own opinion i guess :)

although you should make the client aware if backups arent stored offsite they have the chance of going out of business if theres a fire, all the backups go up in smoke :)

thats why i suggested is moving their data to a central location and backing it up from that location to an external drive.

they say they dont want a centralised solution but if explain the risks indepth to them then they should listen to you. If they dont listen then you can say "i told you so" when fire breaks out :)

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Well, see . . .

by CHcomputers In reply to security

because of the nature of the server being windows server 2000 and having no domain, the customer is not ready to move their data to the server. Trust me, I have taken them a long way since I started and they have to take small baby steps with everything they do. So as for now what I am trying to do is have a backup program similar to symantec where you can put "agents" out on the PCS and the server will reach out and back those up. I am even willing to use symantec except for the fact that I'm not sure which version will do this since they have so many!

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