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    Right Click Explorer Crash Solved


    by pricetech ·

    I thought I’d start this thread in hopes it might help someone in a situation similar to mine. I found no help on this issue and had to resort to contacting MS support for help.

    The Issue:
    After installing Service Pack 2 for XP, right clicking on any of the desktop icons results in explorer.exe crashing, followed by Dr Watson crashing.

    The Platform:
    Biostar motherboard with integrated video, sound, nic, modem and AMD Athlon XP processor.
    Plenty of RAM and Hard Drive space (512mb and 40gb)

    Fresh install of XP Pro. No other software installed.

    Install Service Pack 2 in Safe Mode.

    Windows File Protection seems to be blocking the update of certain files. Why it occurs only on certain systems is a mystery, but both the customer machine I have in the shop and a friend’s computer (Intel Mobo with Celeron processor) exhibit the exact same symptoms.

    This was performed on a clean system with a fresh install of XP Pro. There are quite a few known issues with SP2, so this may not apply to your particular situation.

    Hope this helps nonetheless.


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      really works

      by thtrht ·

      In reply to Right Click Explorer Crash Solved

      Hi Joebewan,

      this isn’t neccesary,

      Copy the following into a notepad file and save it as ‘remove.reg’ and run it – this will fix your crash problem



      it will remove the ‘encode using dr. divx’ option from the right click menu, which remedies the right click = explorer crash problem.

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        Right click Explorer Crash Solution for XP

        by anthonyabrami ·

        In reply to really works

        Thank you very much for your posted solution to this problem.

        I struck it after installing 13 critical updates for WinXP SP1 recently (two days ago) and I’m glad I didn’t have to systematically go undeleting every application that creates a right click option (eg: WinRAR, WinAMP, DivX).


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      Reply To: Right Click Explorer Crash Solved

      by sramesh2k ·

      In reply to Right Click Explorer Crash Solved

      If this happenned after installing SP2

      Right click causes and error and crashes Explorer.exe after installing Windows XP SP2?:

      In general:
      Right-click is slow or weird behavior caused by context menu handlers:

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