Right Click Problem

By peterson ·
I am having a right click problem on a specific computer. When I right click on ANYTHING, my mouse freezes (with hourglass sign) and I have to reboot to get my mouse to work. Sometimes I am able to use other programs briefly, however they are extremely slow so that I cannot use them.
I am using a Microsoft intellimouse. I deleted the mouse driver, and reinstalled it, and it happened again. (I asked the IT guy and he claimed it was because sometimes there is too much on the computer and it just takes a long time to work - not true).
This problem is driving me crazy as I use 2-3 other computers on a regular basis, and right click without thinking, then have to reboot to use my computer again.

Thanks to anyone who can give me some advise!

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Who's responsible for the upkeep of the computers there?

by Nonapeptide In reply to Right Click Problem

You're messing with device drivers, the IT guy gave an evasive answer, and now you're asking deeper technical questions to solve the problem... I'm guessing this is a tiny business with one beleaguered IT person who'd rather be trying to iron out the backup scheme for the DBs and email system then frob with someone's mouse.

Anyways, you won't get in trouble if you mess with your computer stuff, will you?

When did this start? Getting to know the circumstances around this problem is the most important thing.

Have you done a malware scan using one or all of the Anti-Malware Triad (SpyBot S&D, Ad-Aware SE, and HijackThis)?

Have you tried using a different mouse (not likely to be the problem, but worth the 2 minutes to try it)?

Have you looked through Event Viewer for any errors in the system log?


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And the Computers Configuration is what actually

by OH Smeg In reply to Right Click Problem

While you may use different Computers without incident and have problems with this one what exactly is its configuration and OS in use.

You can not compare Apples to Oranges and expect to treat hem exactly the same way as they are different. If you are attempting to Compare XP to Vista the same thing will happen particularly if you insist on using Software that was XP Compatible on Vista.

If you are comparing a computer built for Graphic Work to one as a General Run of the Mill Desktop you will have the same thing happen. They are different so they work differently and are better suited to one job over another.

There are way to many possibilities here to even consider thinking about without more information. Personally I would tend to believe the person there on the spot who knows what is in use and how it is configured, while the stated reason may not be 100% correct it's most likely the correct answer That's The Way That It Is.


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by jswentworth In reply to Right Click Problem

This is frequently caused by context menu add-ins like Anti-Virus scanners and things of that nature. To restore your context menu to the default you have to be comfortable doing some registry editing.
First backup your registry. You can do this by going to Start, Run, Regedit and then clicking on My Computer in the registry editor and choosing File, Export.
Now that you have a backup navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shell and remote all of the entries in that key. Now go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\Shellx\ContextMenuHandlers and remove all of the entries here as well. That should return your context menu to the default settings.
Close the registry editor and reboot your computer. See if the problem continues to occur.

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