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Right mouse button not working, left button acting as right?

By Catalyst64 ·
Hello everyone, I've had this problem for 2 days now, it's really weird and I hope you could help me out. The problem is that my right mouse button stopped working and the left sometimes acts like the right one. If I left click on the desktop, it will act like a right click. Same goes for the start menu, control panel, folders, etc. But when I left click in Mozilla, the blue bar at the bottom of the screen and some, it works properly. Still, the right button never works. The PC also freezes from time to time when I connect the mouse to it, which is really weird. Same happens when I plug it into a different computer. I've had problems with the mouse for a long time, but never like this one. There are also a few more PC problems that occurred that I can't explain. I know that the solution is probably to buy a new mouse, but if I could fix this one, why would I need a new one? Any ideas? btw I'm using Windows XP

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it sounds like

by Sue T In reply to Right mouse button not wo ...

you need to replace the mouse. A mouse that is having problems can cause a wide variety of odd things to happen on your computer. I know the idea of trying to fix your mouse is tempting but very few people actually succeed at fixing a mouse. If cost is a concern you may even ask a friend or two if they may have one they are no longer using.

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