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Right time to move on??

By tim.williams ·
Hi there

I have started a new job 4 weeks ago as a database & network support manager, basically I run the IT Dept on my own as I am the only person in there, I look after the database, dessktop issues, hardware issues and netwok issues not to mention backups, reports etc, I previously worked in IT for 5 years as a technical support analyst.

My question is that my salary is well below the going market rate for other positions like mine and although you wouyld say you knew the salary when I took the job I am now tryhing to get a mortgage and stuggling

How long would you say I need to be in this job before looking around at others?

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Is the time ever right?!?!

by ntguru In reply to Right time to move on??

You might want to stay with the company for at least a year before deciding to move on. More importantly you should look into adding/improving somthing to the company that will make you seem very very very valuable!!! This approach normally works better than notifing them of your intent to leave.

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Go For It

by JonathanPDX In reply to Right time to move on??

Good jobs are not always available and sometimes we have to take what's out there just to keep our heads above water. If you feel you're worth more and know your skills are good, then start looking now. Unfortunately, it seems there's no such thing as companies being loyal to their employees or employees being loyal to their employers anymore. Everything is driven by the "bottom line", and you need to look out for yourself.

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u could probe as well.

by longbow1 In reply to Go For It

I would try to raise the issue indirectly with your superior or the HR guy.. that u have taken on the extra responsibility and see whats the feedback. Generally if they are happy with ur extra work, they would be open to the idea of raising the pay. Good luck.

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thanks for your reply guys

by tim.williams In reply to Right time to move on??

Thanks for your comments, I have done just what you advised, in the 4 weeks I have been there I have already made changes and improve ways of work, such as automating jobs, new technology ideas etc, but as I have only been a manager for 4 weeks I think employers would say you need experiance so im in a catch 22 situation, I need my salary on paper for a mortgage but havent the experiance yet

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A phone call away

by miles999 In reply to Right time to move on??

Not that this is any easier now, but I was always told to make sure you could pick up the phone, make a call, and move to another job. Putting that in context it was said to me 1999 at the height of the y2k paranoia. Now back to earth. The hardest part for me was always buying in to the philosophy that your job hunting should never really end as you never know when you will need to move or need a job. I always felt like I was being disloyal to my employer and still do today. But the reality is the bottom line for a business and nothing else. So by all means do not hesitate and wait, start looking and additionally look to make other contributions to the company that are "soft" measurables such as teaching, etc. It may not be fun, but it can help to pass the time and help keep your soft skills sharp.

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by tim.williams In reply to A phone call away

Thanks Miles that makes perfect sence


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