Rights and permissions Server/2003

By davisg ·
Recently, members of our domain are unable to save files on one server. Only the administrator can. All users get a messaged "access denied".

I have checked permissions on the folders and tried increasing the user rights to include full control but nothing changes. One thing that I find unusual is that the when I right-click any folder, the "Read Only" check box is checked. If I un-check and then apply, it seemingly applies all the attributes to all the files in the folder. I then close the folder and then right click and the properties once again show read only.

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bump <nt>

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could be a lot of things....

by CG IT In reply to Rights and permissions Se ...

if the administrator is the only one that can actually connect to the server, then I would venture it's a user rights assignment problem.

If domain users can connect to the server just not access some share folders, then it would be permissions on the folder. That would be either share or NTFS or a combination of the 2 which the most restrictive apply.

Have you tried creating a new share, assign permissions to that share, and see if users can open it?

you can also, as an administrator, take ownership of the shared folder and then reset permissions.

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