By lovely_76b ·
user account have rights to make buckup but the system server dont execute that?

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by Kiltie In reply to rights

Not only is the English awful, it doesn't make sense.
It is not even a question.

Could you please rephrase it, and perhaps supply some details?

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While I don't fully understand this either

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to rights

I'm guessing that you are saying that the user has rights to perform a Backup but that the Server doesn't accept this instruction. Is that Correct?

If the system is setup correctly and here by system I do mean the entire Network this could be correct as the user could be allowed to make an independent Backup from his/her terminal to some media available there and the Backups that are run from the server should happen on a regular basis with at the very least a Full Backup being performed weekly and Inessentials being done daily. These backup would be different to the Backup that the user can make as they would cover every user on the network and all the Server Settings as well.


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