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    by banker ·

    We are experiencing a difficult time in trying to figure out the right headcount that the IT group should have vs outsourcing. We decided to have in-house support for critical apps only. What is a good benchmark? We currently have one IT headcount for every 14 users supporting mainframes, databases, PC’s, networks, programming, help desk and code testing. Any comments or directions will be appreciated.

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      Same ratio across the board?

      by pkust ·

      In reply to RIGHTSIZING IT ???

      Your posting makes it seem as if your organization is using the same 1:14 ratio for all users, departments, and applications. While I do not know the particulars of your organization, any organization with needs as diverse as “…mainframes, databases, PC’s, networks, programming, help desk and code testing” is almost certainly not likely to be as monolithic as such a globally applied ratio would indicate.

      Each of the elements you mentioned have different support requirements, and differingsupport costs as a result. Likewise, there are different costs associated with maintaining in-house personnel versus outsourcing.

      I doubt that benchmarks are an appropriate guideline here. A better approach would be to consider the overall role of IT within your organization. Define a mission for IT, with (prioritized) operational goals and objectives covering all of the diverse elements you mentioned; that definition will allow you to properly assess how best to expend finite budget dollars on either in-house personnel or outsourced consultants and contractors.


      Peter Nayland Kust
      TekMedia Communications

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