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i have 2 pairs of rd ram 128mb(64x2 pc800) and 512mb(256x2 pc700). But since my mobo(intel 850GB) supports only pc600 and 800,all my rimms are running at 600 :-( can you please tell me a way to overclock it to run atleast at 800 ?

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by Norehca In reply to rimm

First of all this wouldnt be considered overclocking, as your simply clocking it at the original speed. This situration is different than clocking a CPU. When you overclock a CPU or video card it effects the CPU alone. A mobo supports a type of cpu, not a certian speed, therefor any speed cpu will work on a mobo. RAM is different. the mobo will only run it at the set speed it was designed for to my knowlege.

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